Xugong won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and played the strongest sound of China's equipment manufacturing

At the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards Conference held this morning, Xugong Group's “Key Technology and Application of Mobile Complete Sets of Lifting Equipment for Large-scale Engineering Construction” was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, which is the only award-winning project of the construction machinery industry. .

This is the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award after the “Xigong Science and Technology Innovation System Project based on independent innovation of large engineering machinery”, “ET110 Stretch Excavator” and “Key Technology Development and Industrialization of All Terrain Cranes”. The fourth time I won this honor.

In recent years, both the demand for nuclear power and wind power in the green development of clean energy, and the urgent need for the development of large-scale petroleum and chemical industries have increased the demand for large-scale and extra-large engineering machinery. Due to the large and complex large objects, super long and heavy, the construction risk of traditional hoisting operations is high and the coordination is difficult. The advanced “integrated, modular and intelligent” factory prefabrication construction has become an unsolvable problem in the international engineering construction field.

XCMG's large-tonnage crawler crane R&D team is deeply integrated into customers, and is guided by customer needs, and is dedicated to the development of large-scale mobile hoisting equipment. In the past five years, Xugong has developed a total of 8 super large crawler cranes and tailing equipment from 650 to 3600 tons, which has fundamentally changed the traditional large lifting process. At present, the project has been authorized to invent 28 patents, 30 utility model patents, and 4 software copyrights, so that China has mastered the complete set of integrated lifting technology for large-scale engineering construction, and demonstrated excellent quality in market applications.

The successful development and market application of Xugong's mobile complete hoisting equipment has improved the construction process of large-scale hoisting, promoted the technological progress of the industry, and quickly made China's complete equipment hoisting technology reach the world's leading level: the composite boom technology that breaks the limit of traditional boom mechanics The cantilever truss arm of the crawler crane successfully realized the subversive leap of 88,000 metric meters; the component split and self-disassembling technology successfully solved the problem of integrated modules, and the 3,600 ton product was transformed into 2000 by the bicycle deformation function. Tons of products; with the international significance of the tailing equipment, to solve many problems in the traditional construction operations, through the intelligent collaborative control technology between the main crane and the tailing equipment to ensure the safe and efficient operation.

The XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 3,600 tons, which is equivalent to rotating the 60 M1 main battle tanks 90 degrees together and accurately placed in the designated position. The construction period of the project has not only been shortened from the past 4-6 months to several hours, but also the construction quality and the safety of the on-site personnel have been effectively guaranteed.

Since the application of the project results, the project products have been transferred to the north and south of the Yangtze River and the rest of the world. In many major projects, the main force of hoisting: 3,600 tons of crawler cranes and 1,100 tons of tailing machines cooperated in Shandong, Fujian, Ningxia and other places, successfully achieving 1,500 tons. The above hoisting more than 60 times, the total lifting weight of more than 30,000 tons, created a new record of the world's single mobile crane lifting 2300 tons of engineering applications; 2000 tons of crawler crane nuclear power construction field performance eye-catching, successfully completed the world's first "Hualong The key components of the No. 1 nuclear power demonstration project are hoisted; the 1000-ton crawler crane is also used in many important projects. Under the condition of 90% load, the deep-sea pipeline of up to 96 meters and weighing more than 650 tons is connected to more than 200 meters. On the main structural components, it successfully challenged the limits of the offshore engineering construction field and became the only domestically produced 1,000-ton product that entered the marine engineering construction field.

Throughout the history of China's manufacturing industry, China's equipment has grown from zero to strong, from weak to strong, and finally relied on independent innovation to achieve a qualitative leap, the birth of 3600 tons of super large crawler cranes and complete sets of lifting equipment, the successful application of lifting technology, so that China has become a pioneer in the development of global super-tonnage crawler crane products and an authoritative force leading the development trend of high-end construction equipment technology in the world. In the future, as the most powerful giant in the world's large-scale engineering construction, Xugong will resume its journey under the guidance of the “Made in China 2025” blueprint, and actively promote “Made in China” to “Created in China” and “China Speed”. A big step towards “China's quality” and “Chinese products” to “Chinese brands”, let the world hear the strongest sound from China's equipment manufacturing industry.

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