Shanghai Fengxian Boiler Explosion Has Caused 1 Death and 2 Injuries

At 10:15 a.m. today (May 12), a boiler explosion occurred in a company at No. 681 Nanfeng Road in Fengxian District. As of the Xinmin Evening News reporter made it in the morning, it has caused 1 death and 2 injuries. At about 11 o'clock in the morning, the relevant departments had already ended the on-site disposal and the cause of the explosion was further investigated and handled.

According to netizens, at 10:15 this morning, an explosion was heard from the company's factory area and the sound was loud. Soon, civilian police and medical ambulance arrived. The netizen claimed that he saw three workers rescued from the scene of the explosion and put them on an ambulance and sent them to the hospital for rescue. The reporter learned that No. 681 Nanfeng Road in Fengxian District was close to Shenzhou Road. The explosion occurred in Shanghai Yingtai Plastics Co., Ltd. According to preliminary investigations by the relevant authorities, the boiler exploded. In order to prevent accidental “buried” personnel at the scene, after the incident, relevant units continued to search at the site until 11 o'clock. An ambulance is on standby. The accident caused 1 person to die ineffective and the other 2 were currently treated in the Central Hospital of Fengxian District. At present, safety supervision departments have been involved in accident investigations.

The accidents such as boiler explosions and gas explosions were as large as a factory building and as small as a family. Everyone has used this vigilance to ensure the safety of their own lives, their families, and their lives. This has led to tragedy. Then for the family, what should we pay attention to when renovating gas pipelines?

First, gas pipeline transformation need to pay attention to what?

1, distance requirements

When the gas pipeline meets other pipelines, the following requirements shall be met: When laying horizontally parallel, the net distance shall not be less than 150mm; when laying in parallel, the net distance shall not be less than 100mm, and shall be located on the outside of other pipelines; the net distance when cross laying is not to be less than 50mm; pipelines cannot be concealed in walls; gas pipelines cannot be installed in walls like cables and must be installed outside the walls to facilitate problem detection and repair.

2. The gas meter must be ventilated

The gas meter in the kitchen should be placed in a ventilated location, which is not only safe but also convenient for the relevant personnel to check when they are charged. During the renovation, the owner shall not change the gas meter himself or move his position without permission.

3. Hose is not suitable for connection between burning appliance and pipeline

Most Stainless Steel pipes are used in the connection between most domestic appliances and pipes, but there are still a few old houses that use hoses. Hose is easy to age, and if it is not updated in time, it can easily cause a leak.

4, after the transformation of the pipeline to conduct safety inspection

In order to prevent damage to the gas pipelines and fittings during the renovation, the safety inspections should be carried out promptly after the renovation to see if gas leaks occur in the gas pipelines. After the inspection, it is found that there are no problems before they can be put into use. Otherwise, professionals should be found in time. Make repairs. If leaks are found during the inspection, notify the gas supply personnel for maintenance.

5, hose need to change one or two years

Gas hoses should be replaced once a year and a half to two years. When replacing gas hoses, special gas hoses are used. If non-gas special hoses are used, or if the hoses are stiff or cracked, they will be in danger. The safety length of the hoses is less than 1.5 meters. If the hose is long and it is from the wall or window glass Through it, there are security risks.

Second, what should pay attention to the use of gas equipment?

1, can not leave the people when using gas, always pay attention to the stove stove to ensure safe gas.

2. If you do not get on fire for three consecutive times during the ignition, pause for a while to confirm that the gas has dissipated and then restart the ignition. Because the stove was not lit, but the gas has been released many times, and it is extremely prone to accidents when an open flame is encountered.

3. During the use of the stove, if it is found to be out of flame, immediately close the switch and open the doors and windows to ventilate. After the odor is dissipated, identify the cause of the flameout, and properly re-ignite after being treated.

4. Do not use gas cookers under unattended conditions, especially soups, porridge, milk, and other foods are prone to spillage. Keep people watching to avoid overflowing soup to extinguish the fire and cause gas leaks.

5, the end of the gas should pay attention to training "fire extinguishes people" habits, use, before going to bed, go out should check whether the gas has been closed.

Gas stoves

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