How much do you know about subject demolition?

The main demolition and renovation is the first construction project in the renovation. It mainly includes steps such as wall removal, wall building, installation and replacement of plastic steel doors and windows (door and window decoration effect drawings), but many of my friends are not satisfied with the original floor plan and start to The structure was reformed, but some of the owners were more self-willed and did not consider safety. The actions did not only affect themselves but also the safety of other residents. Today, Xiaobian gave We talk about the transformation of the main body, what we must not do!

First, can not move bearing walls!

Can not move bearing walls, this everyone should know! The load-bearing wall generally refers to the wall on which the floor, joists, girders, trusses, or roof panels are placed. It not only bears the live loads and static loads transmitted from the above layers, but also bears the weight of the walls of each layer, and takes these loads. Pass to the lower wall until foundation. If the load-bearing wall is dismantled, the balance of this force will be destroyed, and the consequences will probably be the threat that no one can afford. If you have to dismantle bearing walls, it is not absolutely impossible. The Ministry of Construction has stipulated that if the bearing wall is to be modified, the original design unit or design unit with the same qualification as the original design unit must be given a modification and reinforcement design plan before the bearing wall can be demolished. In other words, it is necessary to remove it, but it needs to be reinforced. However, it must be ensured that reinforcement is a correct and effective reinforcement.

Second, the balcony's "weight wall" cannot be removed!

In addition to the load-bearing wall, there is another, that is, the weight of the balcony wall can not be demolished! The doors and windows between the general room and the balcony can be removed, but the wall below the window is the "counterweight wall" that cannot be removed. It acts like a scale to lift the balcony. Many owners believe that the role of the weight wall is not significant, blocking the sunlight from entering the room and affecting the lighting of the room. Therefore, it is often considered to demolish the counterweight wall. Demolition of the weight wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall. Demolition of the counterweight wall will change the original structure of the house structure. It may also lead to a reduction in the load-bearing capacity of the balcony and even the risk of collapse.

Third, can not increase the load on the floor!

Some occupants laid granite or marble slabs on the floor of the house during the renovation of the house, an enlarging surf bathtub on the bathroom floor, floor-mounted floor heating equipment, and balcony masonry walls, which significantly increased the static load and overloaded the floor slabs. The state of use seriously threatens the safe use of the house. Therefore, you can reduce the burden on the ground as much as possible, for example, use less marble plates or less heavy furniture!

Fourth, gas pipelines, gas valve encapsulation can not be arbitrarily removed!

It is very easy for residents or decoration personnel to dismantle gas pipelines and enclose gas valves without permission. Gas pipelines are enveloped, gas leaks are not easily noticeable, and leaked gas is not easily diffused and accumulates locally. Before use, there is no professional safety test. In case of a fire, it will inevitably cause an explosion. Gas facilities have strict technical specifications and safety requirements in design and installation, and must be constructed by professionals. If residents need to modify the gas pipeline when decorating the living room, they should apply to the gas supply unit. The gas supply unit should carry out on-site survey and put forward opinions. If it can be modified, the gas supply unit should issue a construction plan and be operated by professional personnel. Should have professional qualifications.

Fifth, can not arbitrarily change the heating pipe, water pipes up and down

Most of the people in the northern part of the country have modified the heating pipes, and the situation of the upper and lower water pipes is also more common. Heating pipes and upper and lower water pipes all have a common feature, that is, these pipes form an overall system within a certain range, and each household cannot be completely independent. Therefore, when such a pipeline is reconstructed, care should be taken to ensure that all modifications are done without affecting the entire system.

There are many drawbacks to dismantling the heating system indiscriminately. After the originally designed heating system is changed, the pressure will change. After the heat balance is broken, the heating will be misaligned, causing the houses to be very hot and cold. After the change of heating, it is difficult to ensure no water leakage.

The principle of “five noes” for the above-mentioned main body demolition reform must be followed. There is also the first major project to be demolished and reformed. It must be completed before the hydropower reform. After the demolition of the completed garbage, it must be cleared up in time to ensure the cleanliness of the interior, but also to facilitate the construction.

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