Spray gun construction safety operation precautions

What are the precautions for the safe operation of the spray gun construction? Henan Hao Li sprayer manufacturers introduce some precautions for the operation of the spray gun. Users must pay special attention when using the spray gun to avoid dangerous things during the work process.
1. During the operation of the spraying machine, it is forbidden to use a long stick to clean the material cavity so as to avoid serious damage.
2. It is forbidden to flush the electric control box, vibration motor and main motor with water when clearing the spray gun, so as to avoid the short circuit of the line and affect the normal operation of the machine.
3. When the mineral spraying machine is used in underground coal mine production, the parts and components in the schedule of controlled components of the safety standard shall not be arbitrarily replaced.
4. In the use of spraying machine to prevent the use of longer and larger objects such as steel, iron and other debris into the rotor material cavity to prevent damage caused by the accident.
5. When the spraying machine is performing shotcrete work, if there is no material ejected at the nozzle, there are generally two situations:
The first occurred when the pipe was about to be blocked. At this time, although the feeding pipeline was not blocked, the feeding condition inside the feeding pipeline deteriorated. In this case, the vibrator should be turned off and the mixing in the feeding pipeline should be stopped. When the material is sprayed out, the pressure in the pipeline returns to normal operating range and then opens.
The second is the occurrence of plugging and the feeding pipeline has been blocked. At this time, the spraying machine should be shut down, and then the feeding pipeline must be cleaned. When confirming that the pipeline is not faulty, restart the spraying machine by pressing the start-up operation program. normal work.

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