Something about pressure spray dryers

Many people want to know some of the relevant knowledge of pressure spray dryers, because everyone knows about the dryer, but for the pressure spray dryer, this piece is still a bit vague, so here I have carefully arranged for the pressure spray drying for everyone. The machine 's working principle, features, and applicable range of these aspects do some simple introductions, hoping to help those who have this need!

Pressure spray dryer works

The liquid material (filtered liquid material) is sent to a pressure atomizer for atomization into small droplets through a high pressure of 2-20 MPa, and the atomized droplets (surface area greatly increased) are in full contact with the hot air, and the drying is rapidly completed. process. Get the finished product of powder or fine particles.

Pressure spray dryer has the following features

First, the drying speed is fast, and the surface area of ​​the feed liquid after atomization is greatly increased. In hot air flow, 95-98% of water can be evaporated instantaneously, and the drying time only needs ten seconds to several tens of seconds, especially suitable for Drying of heat-sensitive materials.

Second, the resulting product is spherical particles, uniform particle size, good fluidity, good solubility, high product purity, good quality.

Third, the use of a wide range, according to the characteristics of the material, you can use hot air drying can also use cold air granulation, the material's adaptability.

Fourth, the operation is simple and stable, easy to control, easy to implement automated operations.

Pressure Spray Dryer Application

Spray drying granulation:

Chemicals: organic catalysts, resins, synthetic detergents, oils and fats, ammonium sulfate, dyes, dye intermediates, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate, etc.

Foods: Amino acids and their analogues, seasonings, proteins, starches, dairy products, coffee extracts, fishmeal, meat extract, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: proprietary Chinese medicines, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules, etc.

Ceramics: Magnesium oxide, china clay, various metal oxides, dolomite, etc.


Spray granulation:

Various fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, pharmaceuticals, heavy metal superhard steel, chemical fertilizers, granular detergent powders, proprietary Chinese medicines, etc.

Spray cooling granulation:

Amino fatty acids, paraffin wax, glyceryl fat, tallow, etc.

Spray crystallization, spray concentration, spray reactions, etc. are also frequently used.

Pressure spray dryer installation method

According to the layout of the equipment, the drying main unit is first put in place, but the main unit is connected to the heating unit's piping. Place the heater in place;

According to the layout of the equipment, the cyclone separator and the bag filter shall be lifted to a preset position in the factory. The pipeline between the drying main unit and the cyclone separator shall be connected first, and then the pipe between the cyclone separator and the bag filter shall be connected;

Connect the pipes between the hot blast stove and the blower and air filter, respectively. At the same time connecting the bag dust collector and the fan between the duct;

Correct the verticality of the drying machine and the ground plane, and the verticality of the drying host tower top and the ground shall not be greater than 10mm;

The feeder is in place and is connected to the drying machine;

When connecting pipes, asbestos ropes or seals should be installed (silicon rubber gaskets are required to meet the GMP requirements);

Fasten the fasteners at each joint so that there is no looseness of the fasteners.

Connect the cabinet circuit. The cabinet should be firmly grounded and marked with a clear sign (the wires should be threaded or routed).


Daily maintenance of pressure spray dryer

If the pressure spray dryer is operated for a long time or due to improper operation, aggregates may appear in some equipment and affect normal operation. At this time, it is necessary to stop the work for cleaning. For the cleaning of the aggregates in the drying tower, the sweeping door should be opened, the funnel-shaped bottom aggregate should be removed with a long broom, the discharge valve should be opened, and the tower should be flushed with tap water. The removal of dust from cyclone separators also requires the opening of a cyclone separator, sweeping of the aggregate with a broom, and, if necessary, flushing with water. For the cleaning of the bag filter, the control switch should be turned on, hit continuously, then open the cleaning door, hit the bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the cleaning of the slurry pipeline system, the bidirectional filter drain valve should be opened, the filter strainer and the pipeline should be cleaned, then the material pump should be opened to replace the water, clean the pump tube, the voltage regulation package and the pipeline.

After a certain period of time, we need to carry out the necessary inspection and maintenance of the spray granulation dryer. For the feeding system, check the filters, pipes, valves, nozzles, etc., to see if there is any blockage, regular cleaning, and check the nozzle wear for timely replacement. The material pump should be inspected for oil leakage, whether the pressure is normal, and whether the oil level is normal. For the fan, check whether the shaft and the bearing are hot and have no vibration or noise. If necessary, clean the fan blade and balance the fan blades. For the heater, check whether the heat pipe is normal. If necessary, clean the filter at the three places of the oil pipe, oil pump and nozzle. In addition, it should also pay attention to whether the motor has any heat, vibration, noise, etc., and whether the control cabinet's instruments and electrical appliances are working properly.

Editor's summary: I believe that through the above explanations, we can also make everyone make more accurate judgments when choosing, and better suit their own needs, and can choose more suitable objects for them quickly and effectively. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

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