Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box with extremely high mobility

Explosion-proof self-coupling box is made of welded steel plate, equipped with auto-transformer, AC contactor, time relay, intermediate relay, thermal relay, current transformer, transfer switch fuse, voltmeter, ammeter, lights and so on.

Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box with overload, short circuit, loss of pressure, phase protection and other functions, in line with GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard requirements. Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box is a short-time working system. When the motor is connected to the 65% or 80% rated voltage ratio tap of the autotransformer, the sum of one or several consecutive load times must not exceed 15S. The explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box allows two consecutive starts from the cold state at intervals of 30 seconds.

The starting time of the autotransformer of all working systems of explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box shall not exceed 15S. In view of the characteristics of the autotransformer, when using the starting box, it shall be operated strictly according to the 15S time, otherwise it will cause Decoupled transformer burned. The wiring principle of the explosion-proof self-coupling relief box and the main original specifications and technical data sheets are as shown in the description.

Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box must be installed according to the wiring diagram before the installation, use the wiring diagram to check whether there is an error, according to the actual motor starting time requirements, adjust the time relay operating time, according to the motor rated operating current, adjust the thermal relay Operate the electric current, and then perform the action test. Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box automatic operation: close the power switch (80KW or more for the knife switch).

Explosion-proof self-couple pressure relief box red indicator light, turn the switch to the "automatic" position (80KW above), press the "start" button motor starts to start, red light extinguished, yellow light is lit, while explosion-proof self-coupling decompression The box starts to work, after a certain time (that is, time relay setting time), the time relay contacts are closed, the AC contactor is connected, that is, the automatic switching makes the motor run normally, and the yellow light goes out and the green light is on; press the “Stop” button, The motor stops working.

Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box must be carried out when the motor is close to the rated speed from the start of cutting and operation. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the contactor and it is also harmful to the transmission network. During the operation, if the explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box malfunctions, the operating current of the thermal relay should be adjusted to a greater value. If an overload action occurs, the “reset” button of the thermal relay needs to be lifted. Can continue to work.

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