Why can fingerprint door locks impress consumers?

1. The fingerprint door lock is good, but the price is too expensive?

Every price-targeted product has its corresponding customer base. For those who can buy a house with a house price of tens of thousands per square metre, he must be willing to spend it because the lock is safe for his family. The things to be used, just like the sale of a branded suit in a specialty store requires thousands of dollars to consume. If this lock can bring convenience and safety to the elderly and children at home, and no longer lose the key. To change the lock and spend money, it also shows his noble status, not to mention the door locks generally have to be used for 10 years, compared to the convenience brought by every day, this lock is not expensive. For modern people, it is becoming more and more consumer smart products. Because it can improve the efficiency of time for his life, I think it is not only a lock, but a tool to improve the quality of life. 2 to 3,000 must be value-for-money. .

2, I use ordinary locks, why spend so much money to buy fingerprint locks?

The security of the fingerprint lock is extremely obvious compared with the ordinary door lock, and it is a symbol of noble status. With the development of science and technology, fingerprint door locks are also an inevitable development trend. In many countries, fingerprint locks are used to make life more comfortable and convenient. For example, if you buy a car for your car for one year, you are willing to pay 5,000 yuan, and you can buy a ten-year insurance for your home for only 2,000 yuan. I think it will give you the old man in this decade. Or children can bring convenience, but also improve your time work efficiency, so that you don't have to pay attention to the troubles with the keys at any time.

3. We are really willing to consume such valuable products, but is your lock value so much money?

R9 fingerprint door locks have absolute advantages over similar products in terms of fingerprint identification module, design concept, appearance modeling, surface treatment, lock core technology, clutch technology and display technology. Moreover, the materials used are all high-quality materials of zinc alloy or steel-cast integrated structure. Each lock involves the combination and production test of dozens or even hundreds of molds. Each fingerprint lock is built-in independently. The CPU module is equivalent to a small computer. It recognizes the identity by fingerprint storage, comparison, and correction. Therefore, it requires a memory with a high-capacity recognition algorithm. Moreover, there are three ways to open the door for the fingerprint lock. You can also choose the password to open the door. You can also choose the key to open the door. It is equivalent to the function of buying a lock with the money of a lock. These costs are obvious and must be value for money.

4, fingerprint door lock does have a clear advantage, can it be safe?

Fingerprint door locks identify the identity of different people through the physical characteristics of fingerprints. The uniqueness and lifetime invariance of each person's fingerprints bring a very accurate standard for identification. The world's population can find the same for an average of 500 years. One fingerprint, compared with the current three-thousand-thousandth-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thickness Gradually civilian use, fingerprint locks have spread to thousands of households in South Korea, fingerprint lock technology is very mature, in China is also experiencing the high-speed development of fingerprint locks, security is not to be questioned.

1 Thick Brass Padlock,lock body made of brass, durable, lightweight, cylinder can be copper or iron, copper and iron key can.

2 Shackle made of iron chrome, nickel, or spraying. In addition, it can also make stainless steel or copper hook hook. Shackle can be extended according to customer needs to 40MM 60MM 90MM.

3 Lock body surface may print the company name, pattern, number, print mode is molded or laser
4 The lock cylinder according to customer's needs, to make keyed different, flush keys, key executives
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