How much is the beauty shop decoration? How to calculate the beauty shop decoration quote?

I often have friends who want to run a beauty shop to consult us. How much is a square meter for a beauty shop? In the face of this problem, Xiaobian can't make an instant and positive answer, because the beauty shop decoration is the same as the home decoration. The impact of factors, then how much is the beauty shop decoration? How to calculate the beauty shop decoration quote? Let's take a look at the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian.

How much is the beauty shop decoration?


Influencing factors of beauty shop decoration quotation 1. Geographical impact cost: The county town which is relatively close to the provincial capital city is basically consistent with the provincial capital in the beauty shop decoration. Therefore, the cost of beauty shop decoration is not much different from that of the provincial capital; The beauty shop decoration price is about 500 yuan / square meter, while the mid-range beauty shop decoration price is 800 yuan / square meter, the high-end beauty shop decoration price needs 1000-2000 yuan / square, as for luxury The type of decoration is not capped.

Influential factors of beauty shop decoration quotation 2. The overall level of the industry: The so-called industry overall level refers to the overall level of the beauty industry in a certain county or region. In some well-developed county towns, even if you are far away from the provincial capital, you need to raise the level of decoration, because there are two reasons that force you to invest heavily: First, the consumer's requirements for the beauty shop venue, because of the choice The room is large, so people's environmental requirements will of course be high; second, the constant upgrade of peer competitors has forced you to upgrade. Because the decoration belongs to the hardware part of the beauty shop, it has a direct impact on the business.


Influencing factors of beauty shop decoration quotation 3, economic strength of consumer groups: Although some county towns are far away from the provincial capital, the industry competition is not particularly fierce, but the decoration requirements of beauty shops are also particularly high. What is the reason for this? According to Xiaobian, most of them are caused by the economic strength of the consumer groups. Such county towns are either located in economically developed geographical locations or occupy favorable resources. Therefore, people’s economic strength is strong, and money is of course for beauty shops. The site environment requirements are high, and the investment in the decoration will naturally have to be high. Investing in a beauty store in such a county, don't care about the investment in the decoration, because the return on investment is also very impressive.

The above is how much the beauty shop decoration brought to you by Xiaobian? How to calculate the beauty shop decoration quote? I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of how much the beauty shop is decorated after reading this article. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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Exterior wall profile

Exterior Wall Tiles is mainly used for the decoration and protection of the building's exterior wall. Exterior wall tiles not only decorate the entire building, but also because of its acid and alkali resistance, physical and chemical properties of stability, to protect the wall has an important role, but also cold insulation. External walls can be stock sales, but also according to customer specifications and color of the special requirements of custom production.



How to choose exterior wall tiles

1, according to the level of External Wall Tile logo selection, the tile is divided into five levels, there are superior products, first-class products, second-class products, third-class products and other goods of the difference, due to larger spreads, to be carefully compared. In addition, in the purchase, but also pay attention to the logo on the tiles and packaging specifications, color number is consistent, product certification, trademark and quality control standard is clear.

2, according to the size of the outer wall of choice, standard size, unfavorable to the construction, better reflect the decorative effect. Good deviation of the specifications, paving the tidy uniform, brick straight, decorative effect is good. Dimensional error is greater than 0.5 mm, flatness greater than 0.1 mm of product, unfair to increase the difficulty of construction, while the decoration effect is poor. Whether the size meets the standard can be judged by the target. The bricks placed on a flat surface to see whether the four sides of the flat surface exactly match, at the same time, to see whether the four corners of the tile are right angles. Good newspaper no bump, bulging, Qiaojiao and other defects, the side of the error does not exceed 0.2-0.3 mm, the thickness of the error does not exceed 0.1 mm.

3, according to the exterior wall pattern selection, good ceramic tile pattern, pattern color clear and consistent, exquisite craftsmanship, no obvious leak color, dislocation, broken or inconsistent depth.

4, a careful observation of whether the color difference of the external wall tiles, color tiles, is directly related to the decoration effect. Not a batch of products, or the same batch may have color, therefore, in the purchase process, for each packaged product sampling comparison, the tiles placed in the same species and the same type of brick, observe its The degree of color difference, a good product color is small, the basic color tone between products, bright color uniform, brilliant, and poor product color larger, the product shades of color.

Exterior wall tiles types(Marble Effect Tiles, Slate Effect Tiles ,stong effect tiles, Wood Effect Tiles ,Brick Effect Tiles)

1, according to product material classification:

Glazed wall tiles, wall tiles and other whole body.

2, according to molding classification:

Extrusion molding (pottery curtain wall, split brick, etc.) and dry-pressure molding (small external walls, etc.).

3, according to the mode of production:

Pad plate kiln wall brick, straight roller kiln wall brick, tunnel kiln wall brick.

4, according to the packing method

Stickers outside the wall, such as external wall tiles.

5, according to the surface texture classification:

Bright, matte, matte and so on.

6, according to the surface classification:

Plane, sandstone surface tiles, water ripples, split brick surface tiles and so on.

7, according to the construction method classification:

Paving the outer wall, dry hanging pottery wall panels and so on.


External wall size specifications

Exterior wall tiles are available in 25 * 25mm, 23 * 48mm, 45 * 45mm, 45 * 95mm, 45 * 145mm, 95 * 95mm, 100 * 100mm, 45 * 195mm, 100 * 200mm, 50 * 200mm, 60 * 240mm, 200 * 400mm and so on.


Advantages and disadvantages of exterior wall

Advantages of external wall:

1, the outer wall tile surface no matter whether it is shiny, and flat or rough, will have a different texture, its appearance is very decorative.

2, the external wall of the rugged, with good durability and texture, colorful and rich decorative effect, and has easy cleaning, fire, water, abrasion, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs.

3, durability in the Outer Wall Tiles , which includes durable, dirt-resistant, scrub-resistant and so convenient, and its long service life.

Disadvantages of the external wall:

1, the outer wall tiles for the first time higher cost, higher paste requirements, construction difficult, but not easy to cause construction technology off the wounding, but also must be waterproof material to solve waterproofing problems.

2, from the environmental point of view, the outer wall tiles in the cleaning process with acid will cause pollution to the atmosphere.

Exterior Wall Tiles

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