How to brush your own latex paint latex paint the steps and precautions

How to brush latex paint ? It should be brushed several times? This is a very learned question. Many of us know that if the latex paint on the wall does not work well, it will appear: blistering, anti-alkali powder, falling, bottoming, coating unevenness, cracking, peeling, discoloration, and discoloration. To avoid the existence of these problems, special attention should be paid when painting. Generally, there are three methods for brushing latex paint. They are brush coating, roller coating, and spray coating. There are two types of spray coating: air spray coating and high-pressure airless spray coating. Different brushing methods are selected for different wall surfaces. Next, I will explain to you in detail how to brush latex paint and brush latex paint related knowledge!

How to brush latex paint

Wall repair - putty - sanding - repair - primer - topcoat "2 times."

Brush latex paint tools / raw materials

Soft brush, sun lamp, sandpaper, spray gun, rag, spray gun and so on.

Steps for brushing latex paint

Wall repair: rough walls. The base is strong and there must be no sanding or shedding. The yin and yang corners must use ink lines to measure levelness. The putty dried before and can only be constructed again.

Putty putter: After the wall is finished, two plasters are applied and the base surface is modified and filled. After plastering, brush latex paint. Basically buy finished putty powder, add water and stir it.

Wall grinding: After the putty is scraped, the grass is not even. Need sandpaper repair. Light bulbs can be used in the middle for easy inspection of flatness.

Paint operation: construction methods include brush, roller brush, spray gun, and batch. Drain brush: save materials, time, fast drying, as far as possible to complete, or easy to produce marks. Roller brush: ordinary effect, waste of paint, cost-effective. Spray gun: good effect, fast speed, time saving, difficult to repair. Batch: The effect is good.

Brush paint quality defects

Foaming: Due to improper base treatment or excessively thick coating. At the time of rework, the peeling site was cleaned, polished with sandpaper, and the dried wall was repaired with putty powder and polished 1-2 times.

Through the bottom: paint is too thin or poor quality. Construction options include high solids and strong hiding power to reach the brushing standard.

The coating is not smooth: the paint has impurities or poor quality. When uneven coating occurs, sand it with sandpaper and paint it again.

Alkaline powder: white walls, or powder. The reason is that the construction has not yet dried. Treatment method: remove the powder part and polish it. It must be brushed with solid primer.

Tears: The viscosity of the paint is too low and the coating is too thick. During construction, excessive water must not be added to avoid sagging and run-off.

Crack: The construction temperature is too low, the base layer is not handled properly, and the wall surface causes cracking of the coating film; due to the different drying speeds inside and outside, the cracking of the coating film is caused.

Shedding: Latex paint is applied at a low temperature and falls off with water. Observe before construction, it is recommended to use bombs to pre-treat the walls, then brush them regularly. Clean the walls.

Discoloration, fading: Long exposure to sunlight, causing latex paint to fade. Walls with too high a base value cause discoloration and fading; two days after the paint is applied, brush it again.

Brush latex paint matters needing attention

1. Strength (strong); related to the quality of the base itself. Insufficient strength affects adhesion. It is usually checked by visual inspection, tapping, etc. The qualified base layer is free from sand and there is no hollowing phenomenon.

2. Flatness; Flatness inspection, including four items: 1. The surface is flat, 2. The yin and yang angle is vertical, 3. The facade is vertical, 4. The yin and yang corner is square.

3. Dryness (drying); After the base layer is applied, the moisture gradually becomes dry. The drying time is related to the thickness of the base layer. Water content should be less than 10%

4. pH; PH value should be less than 10.

5. Cleanliness; conducive to the adhesion of paint. Dust, oil, etc. on the surface of the grassroots are removed.

The difference between latex paint brush and spray

1, the primary treatment; with plaster leveling, attention can not be too thick, to be divided into several times, sweep away the floating soil.

2, scraping putty; to meet the requirements before they can putty. The first pass is full of scraping, scraping and smoothing until the putty is dry, sanded with sandpaper, and cleaned. [better scraping twice]

3. Brush the primer once; apply evenly without leakage.

4, brushing the paint; the first pass, check whether the uniform, the second time the paint is completed. After the first pass of paint is dry, it can be polished.

Brush latex paint should be brushed several times:

Under normal circumstances: one end and two sides, referring to the top coat of paint twice again, in order to save money, no brush primer, the effect of the wall as a whole is poor, for long-term use, should be required to brush.

How much is a square meter of latex paint

1, scraping porcelain: scrape twice twice in two, 3 yuan / m2; even scrape twice, 2.5 yuan / m2; put thick scraping again, 2 yuan / m2.

2, scraping putty: scrape twice, 3 yuan / m2; single scrape the second time, 2 yuan / m2.

3, brush paint: 3 yuan / m2; plus brush primer, plus 1 yuan / m2.

4, repair: a small amount of repair, free; a large number of repairs, 25 yuan / hour.

5, protection: a small amount of protection, free; a lot of protection, 25 yuan / hour.

6, plaster line brush white: flat double, 2 yuan / meter; semicircle with pattern, 4 yuan / meter.

7, shovel wall: shovel putty or imitation porcelain, 1.7 yuan / square.

8, polished: 2 yuan / square.

9, the main material: latex paint 260-240 yuan.

10, color: 20-30 yuan.

11, auxiliary materials: a number of sandpaper, a drum 10 yuan, a brush 4 yuan and so on.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is a description of the steps and precautions related to how to brush latex paint on the wall. I hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

How to brush latex paint

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