Description of the rules for the production of dust-free workshops

Guangdong Kunling Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in air purification equipment production, purification engineering, clean engineering, air shower, dust-free workshop, welcome new and old customers to call to discuss, Nie manager in the dust-free workshop and other factories will have some The difference is that the work requires a plan, the plan needs to be implemented, and the execution requires rules. The purpose of formulating the implementation rules is to make the work develop in an orderly manner, so that the execution of the work is based on the reference. The biotechnology department helps production and leads production. A major department that supervises production has the same yield and production pressure as production. At the beginning of the pressure of facing the market price, it forced us to update and force us to move forward. We are affected by the market and we are the production unit. It is necessary to adjust production operations in a timely and correct manner. For the current form, the implementation rules for adjustments made by the biotechnology department are as follows:

1.) Shoes, slippers, shoe cabinets, shoe room environment should be regular, and meet the requirements, the entrance and exit personnel must put the shoes in place. Private items can not be placed in the shoe cabinet, you can specifically select the area according to needs place.

2.) Clean clothes, wardrobes, locker room environment must meet the requirements, personal items can not be placed in the wardrobe, can be specifically selected according to the needs of the area. Clean clothing is proposed to be managed by special personnel, personnel and clean clothes need to be No. in the book. Clean room workers are dressed neatly. Clothes, hats, zippers and rectifications are in place.

3.) The floor around the hand washing should be clean, and the clean room staff should wash their hands before entering the clean room.

4.) Air shower indoor wall, the ceiling should be clean, the direction of the wind shower should be correct. The blue film on the air shower should meet the requirements, and the non-adhesive should be changed in time. The operator must be regulated in the air shower.

5.) The production line operation instructions are placed in the specified position. The work instructions cannot be placed aside or stacked.

6.) When the boat box enters the clean room or the dust-free warehouse (storage room), the shell must be kept clean and free of dust. There must be no dust.

7.) The operation method of the operator of the crystallizer station must be accurate (the specific contact method of the biotechnology department contact list on November 4, 2006), the crystal placement is in accordance with the standard, and the crystal wheel turntable must be clean and dust-free, and work every day. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the turntable and cover of the week. The plates and covers of the silk-screen room that are taken into the clean room need to be cleaned in the locker room and then put into the clean room. The work area is defined as the area where the fixtures and products are placed.

8.) The operator of the solid crystal station should change the current operation mode. The crystal is slightly supported on the edge of the clamp. It is not hard push and can not add thrust to the crystal. The operation trick can be guided by the biotechnology department. The operator should thoroughly improve the working method. The purpose of this is to reduce the solid crystal breaking edge. The solid crystal manufacturing equipment should be kept clean, the label of the manufacturing equipment is correct, and the silver glue cannot be left on the manufacturing equipment. One point: In the process of taking and placing the PCB, the sleeves should not be moved directly above the crystal to avoid falling dust. The solid crystal peripheral turntable is kept clean and free of dust. The work area is defined in the area on the work surface.

9.) The silver-silver screen printing table is kept clean and free of dust. The direction of the brushed PCB is consistent. Youth is a transparent sorrow. It is the last time to look up. The weekly turntable must be clean and dust-free, because the next station is Solid crystal, solid crystal station is still the application of this week's turntable. Silver glue brushing evenly unbiased.

10.) The glass-plating station product should be placed in the specified area (required). The alcohol and ether should be placed in the designated position. The table top should be neat and fresh. The glass turnover box should be clean and free of dust.

11.) In the name of the cleaning machine, the dust should be cleaned in time (2 times a day). When the operator places the cleaning tool, it must be confirmed that the four side bars are in the proper position, and cannot be deformed, fallen off, not placed in place, etc. The work surface of the station should not be dusty. The fixtures and products are placed in the area defined on the work surface. When cleaning, the operator must confirm (each time to check) whether the water pressure and nitrogen flow value of the cleaning machine are in the specified Category. Anti-static turnover box must be kept clean and free of dust, because the back stations are all using the same turnover box.

12.) Bonding station operators use the AB520A machine to check whether the Chip PAD is biased every 20 minutes. Every half day, the dust on the surface of the machine should be removed 2~3 times. Every operator must understand that he knows himself. Welding parameters of the operating machine. It is possible to operate the machine skillfully. It is necessary to improve the skill level of the operator. The monitor and supervisor should interrogate the operator parameters from time to time, so that the operator can correctly understand and understand the importance of the parameters. At present, the defective products of the hand-made machine are too high. From now on, it is necessary to maintain a list of skin care products for one week, cancel the operation of the hand-held machine, and change the line work of the AB520A machine. The purpose is to ensure that the defects after the line-up are reduced. Products. Rework products must be handled by a special person. **Flower check-in [10P], the squad leader and supervisors personally guide the operation and skill of picking out the aluminum wire.

13.) The dust inside the oven should be reversed. The product must be placed in the oven. The order of the products placed in the oven is from top to bottom. The stack of trays cannot exceed 2 layers. The order and time of entering and leaving the oven should be recorded. The baked products must be noted. Baking temperature: The record of baking time is from the beginning of the oven temperature to 140 °C, until the time reaches the delimitation time of the homework leader. The temperature does not reach this temperature can not start timing. The goal is to prevent JB444, silver The situation that the glue is not completely cured exists, and the monitors and monitoring staff must know.

14.) The work surface of the framed station, tooling fixture, anti-static turnover box and tray must be placed in the specified area, keep it clean and free of dust. Brush JB444 glue should be averaged, the operator should sum up experience, exchange lessons, control skills, Demonstration, etc., the purpose is to reduce or reduce some unevenness on the DAM frame. The operation mode of the framed operator must be standardized.

15.) The 100-level workbench of the glass-sealing station must be clean and free of dust. The E-30CL glue operator must brag correctly when the product is boiled with nitrogen. It should not be passed over and the operation procedure should be carried out rigorously. Careful. Reduce the floating dust after the finished product. Grasp the proper speed when applying the glue. Do not allow the glue to be directly dragged between the two DAM frames. Grasp the skill and do not allow the glue to flow out of the outside or inside of the DAM frame. The glass sealing station must be used. 4 times in 4 directions. The purpose is to avoid visual illusion caused by microscope lighting problems, resulting in the leakage of white spots, dust and other materials.

16.) Every morning, each job must personally handle the dust of each work surface, fixtures and operating equipment. The end of the treatment must be told by the operator to the squad leader for review. The workshop must plan the placement of unused fixtures in specific areas. Tools, auxiliary materials, dust-free paper, and recording documents. Please refer to the attached page for detailed cleaning instructions!

17.) Supervisors observe the tight air, nitrogen pipeline and air gun work in the workshop every day, and do not allow air leakage or damage. The air compressor discharges the sewage in the cylinder every morning. Pure water No. 1 is backwashed once a week. 6. Empty the PE water tank once.

The above rules require the intervention and supervision of all departments, the production of regular time, the review of the staff, the quality department, the biotechnology department to participate in management and supervision, the departments to record the scene in a written situation, and report for review. Timely resolution of problems in time, not Dodge perfunctory.

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