East China University of Science and Technology: New progress in research on key materials for new solar cells

Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have attracted widespread attention from researchers due to their high energy conversion efficiency, low cost, and simple preparation process. As one of the important components of perovskite solar cells, the electron transport layer (ETL) can selectively transmit photo-generated electrons and suppress carrier recombination, which is of great significance for improving the energy conversion efficiency of the battery. In order to solve the key problem of the mismatch between the intrinsic electron mobility of traditional ETL materials and the perovskite layer, a series of regular arrays of In2S3 nanosheets were prepared using a low-temperature chemical bath deposition method and applied for the first time to perovskite solar cells. Structural design of ETL.

Using time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy, the researchers explored the kinetic behavior of charge transport in PSCs. The phenomenon of room temperature photoluminescence quenching of PSCs based on indium sulfide is evident, and the regular nanosheet array structure can effectively collect and transport the calcium titanium from The electrons in the light absorbing layer of the ore cause shorter electron-hole lifetimes and accelerate the separation of photogenerated carriers in the perovskite material. In addition, the more matched band structure and higher intrinsic electron mobility of the indium sulfide ETL can further suppress the "reverse" transport of electrons and reduce the probability of carrier recombination, thereby making the short circuit current density and open circuit voltage of the battery device. And the fill factor has been improved. The energy conversion efficiency of the battery based on the indium sulfide (ETL) reached 18.22%, which was 16% higher than that of the traditional ETL-based perovskite solar battery. This work establishes a new strategy for the design of different transition metal sulfide ETL materials. It also provides a new method for studying the low-temperature treatment and preparation of PSCs, and realizes new advances in the research of new electron transport materials for perovskite solar cells.

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