Sunscreen curtains which kind of how to choose sunscreen curtains

When summer arrived, ordinary curtains couldn't withstand the hot sun. Many owners began to buy sunscreen curtains. There are a wide variety of curtains on the market, what kind of curtains are effective for sun protection? How should we choose suitable sunscreens? The following Xiao Bian will share with you on these hot issues and look forward to helping friends with the need.

Which kind of sunscreen is good?

Currently, there are special sunscreen curtains on the market, which is actually a shade cloth that people often say. It can be roughly divided into two types: one is two-side white, and the shade material is added to it. The shade of cloth is strong and long-lasting, but the price of the curtain is relatively high; the other is double-sided. Silver, he is the direct application of reflective paint on the surface, to achieve the effect of shading, the service life is generally 2 to 3 years, this price is cheaper. So how do we choose the right sunscreen?

How to choose a sunscreen curtain

Many homeowners do not know how to identify sunscreen curtains. Xiaobian teaches everyone a simple way: You can pick up the curtains and pick them up against the sun. There are testers on the market that test the intensity of ultraviolet rays. You can test them across the fabric. Some effect. It is worth noting that when you buy sunscreen, don't use it as a shade cloth. Sunscreen is not designed to keep light out of the house, but to keep out the harmful substances.

How to buy sunscreen curtain two

Good quality sunscreen curtains on the market are made from environmentally friendly materials and do not have irritating odors. If the cloth emits a pungent odor, it is not produced with environmentally friendly materials. In addition, everyone should also look at the product description when purchasing, and see if the heat-insulating curtains can be washed or not, and water-washing can generally be guaranteed in terms of environmental protection.

How to buy sunscreen curtain three

There are a variety of curtains available on the market. They are suitable for different styles of decoration. Therefore, we must first clear the decor of the home before decorating, according to the style of home decoration to choose the right curtain style, color, pattern. For example, the bedroom furniture is dark brown, the color of the curtain cannot be chosen too deep, too deep will feel dull, not spacious. In addition, the color of the curtains must be coordinated with the lights. The use of ordinary light bulbs, the light is yellow, the color of the curtains should not be too deep; if the use of fluorescent lamps, white lighting, curtains can be deeper.

How to buy sunscreen curtain four

One of the details that everyone overlooks when choosing curtains is the window rails. The quality of window rails not only affects the appearance of the curtains, but also affects the service life of the curtains. The sturdiness, smoothness and noise of the window rails are the main criteria for the quality of the window rails, and their quality determines the smooth opening and closing of curtains.

The above is the small series about the sunscreen curtains which is good and how to buy sunscreen curtains related to sharing, if you have more questions, welcome to continue to focus on Qijia information, follow-up will give you more exciting content.

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