Gold finger code M4 smart point anti-theft fingerprint lock listed, red dot anti-cat to create a new standard of active safety

Forgetting to bring the key can't enter the door, I can only fold it back and take it. The key is locked indoors and I have to break into the door. This experience seems to everyone. 'Without the key' is an idea put forward by the Golden Finger Code 23 years ago. Since then, Ksmak Gold Fingercode has started to develop and manufacture fingerprint locks. In 23 years, it has continuously developed, innovated, led the development of the industry and changed the way of opening the door. The door-to-door mode of multiple choices such as fingerprints, passwords, magnetic cards, mobile phones and emergency keys has been implemented, bringing security and convenience while ending the bad experience of “we have no keys in those years”.

In recent years, more and more people have begun to use fingerprint locks, more and more fingerprint lock brands have been created, and more and more products have been launched. The functions and quality of the products on the market are mixed, and the way to open the door is similar. How to choose a truly secure fingerprint lock has become a new problem faced by users.

As the leading brand of high-end fingerprint locks in China, Ksmak Gold Fingerprint officially released another M4 "smart point" anti-theft fingerprint lock in May this year. Use fingerprint, password, card, emergency key to open the door in four ways. The simple and stylish appearance, equipped with a number of security configurations including innovative red dot anti-cat eye technology, further enhances the security standards for fingerprint locks.

As a company that puts innovation first, Ksmak Gold Finger has the leading national invention patent in the industry, and the red dot anti-cat eye technology is the first effective preventive measure for the cat eye. Just open the red dot before going out, you can lock the internal handle, you can go out safely, don't worry about the opening of the cat's eye, and the plastic sheet is open. At home, you can choose to turn off the system, restore the internal handle function, and do not feel the obstacle of the red dot system. The red dot anti-cat eye system has two other security functions: prevent children from accidentally opening the door and prevent the pet from accidentally opening the door. Every innovation can be said to be closely related to our life, classic and practical.

"The original intention and essence of people installing door locks is to protect personal and property safety. Safety is the most fundamental user appeal of fingerprint locks."

Ksmak Gold Fingercode understands the user's needs. The newly launched M4 "Smart Point" anti-theft fingerprint lock is equipped with six active safety including red dot anti-cat eye safety system - a protection system for preventing the occurrence of infringement. M4 six active safety: intelligent eye security system, virtual bit password technology, anti-smashing alarm technology, forbidden test intelligence technology, red dot anti-cat eye technology, internal one-button full security function. And four passive safety, including a true mortise lock body – to minimize damage to the protection system when violence (saw, pull, smash, drill) occurs. M4 four passive safety: 304 stainless steel locking tongue, full zinc alloy panel, C-type copper lock core with 4 track 8 blade key, stainless steel true ferrule double quick lock body, (true ferrule is the lock core completely through the embedded lock a fixed structure of the body).

According to Qin Zhigang, director of marketing for gold finger code, “The gold finger code insists on the true ferrule for many years because the false ferrule structure is the lock core placed on the panel. When the panel is smashed, the lock core leaves the lock body and immediately loses its protection. Any tool The lock body can be easily opened, and the true mortise lock cylinder and the lock body are never separated. Even if the panel is smashed, the true mortise lock body is still firmly locked.” The safety of such a luxury lineup is also carried on a fingerprint lock. The system is only available in the top-end high-end products, and the anti-cat eye system is the first.

With years of R&D and manufacturing experience, Ksmak Gold Fingercode combines multiple active and passive safety multiple matches to create its own luxury and safety heritage. Strive for every user to enjoy the convenience and intelligent unlocking method while maximizing the protection of family safety.

The slogan "Red dot anti-cat eye, safer and more" clearly defines the new security benchmark image of M4 smart point fingerprint lock, which indicates the direction for the user to choose a suitable and truly secure fingerprint lock.

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