Shandong Yuhang Alloy Improves Production and Reduces Consumption and Promotes Strategic Development of Aluminum Deep Processing

The ancient proverb that “they are quick and proactive, preemptive” is still looming in the ears. In order to adapt to the continuous development and continuous innovation of the aluminum industry, it has occupied a place in the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic aluminum industry, with the goal of “being a leader in large-scale high-end aluminum materials. “The goal of Shandong Yuhang Alloys is to accelerate the strategic layout of aluminum deep processing, enhance brand strength through technological innovation, product innovation, and quality improvement, expand brand influence, and promote the rationalization and high-end of the industrial structure of the aluminum industry.

With the development trend of the “large-scale, complex, sophisticated, and multi-purpose” aluminum industry, Shandong Yuhang Alloy combines its own characteristics, relying on local resources and development advantages, and integrating effective resources, and combining market development changes. We will actively lay out well ahead of schedule, quickly reach favorable production conditions, expand market development space, and build a favorable environment for the development of the company. After recent years of production development, in addition to the successful R&D and production of conductor rails, bus bars and other rail transportation products, the company has also made breakthrough progress in the research and development of high-end aluminum profiles such as aerospace, shipbuilding, military, and power profiles, and gradually opened the depth of aluminum. The strategic deployment pattern of processing has been successfully achieved and the industrial layout covering the high-end aluminum industry in various fields has been successfully achieved.

At present, Shandong Yuhang Alloys has implemented a series of work to promote the development of production, quality improvement, and reduction of consumption, in order to fully increase production efficiency. The relevant person in charge of Shandong Yuhang stated that it is imperative for enterprises to implement large orders and go deep into the big market, which is an important direction and strategic goal for the company's future development. Shandong Yuhang Alloy will continue to optimize the industrial development, improve and advance in continuous innovation, and strive to build aluminum alloy deep processing base. Use new technologies, new ideas, and new structures to promote industrial sublimation and lay a solid foundation for the development of the company.

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