If Huawei also does smart locks, Samsung and traditional smart lock companies can still play?

Nowadays, smart homes can be described as hot, and even the international giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and Haier are all trying to build their own smart home platforms or systems. In particular, as a smart home entrance smart lock, it is a piece of fat that the big giants are not willing to give up.
Today, let's make a hypothesis: If Huawei joins the smart lock club, Samsung and Deschman, Adil, Bida, Dijier, Rolex, Cadiz, Huitailong and other traditional smart lock companies can still play in the smart lock industry. Turn?
Why is the smart lock so hot?
After 80s and 90s, consumers are pursuing fashion, high-end, smart, light luxury, simple and convenient lifestyle, so smart locks have gradually become the first choice for their decoration and lock. Analysis of the current most popular smart locks can be seen, Yun Ding, Deschman Otaru, Romans shackles, Cadiz, etc., their commonality is fashion, safety and convenience. Therefore, it is possible to replace the mechanical lock with the smart lock in the future and become the protagonist of the market.
First, the smart lock is more secure. Under normal circumstances, the smart lock will provide fingerprint, iris, face recognition and other opening methods, biometric identification is unique, so there is no defect of high mutual opening rate like traditional locks. In addition, the smart lock also provides remote monitoring, remote opening, remote intercom and other functions, and the security has been greatly improved.
Second, the smart lock is more intelligent. Today is an era of intelligence, the appearance of smart locks, the fashionable functions, and the intelligent application can satisfy the hearts of young consumers. If you say that a company can develop a unique "black technology", it will be a new benchmark that the industry is difficult to replace.
Third, the smart lock is simpler. Compared with traditional locks, smart locks don't need to carry keys, and they don't have to worry about forgetting to take keys or lose keys. At the same time, the opening method is more diversified, more convenient and simpler, just to satisfy young people's pursuit of simple lifestyle. .
Because smart locks have safer, more convenient, smarter, more fashionable functions and appearances, and are entry-level products for smart homes, giants such as Samsung, Haier, Dahua, and Hikvision have been rushing to the smart lock industry. It’s one of the reasons why the smart lock is hot.
What if Huawei joins the industry?
All the big players are trying to control the smart home field. Apple, Microsoft and other companies are trying to build their own smart home standards, so that all smart home companies are obeying them, but they don’t make actual products, or Very few actual products are involved. As a latecomer in the smart home field, Huawei also wants to compete with giants such as Apple and Google.
Although Huawei is a younger brother and a latecomer in the field of smart home, Huawei is not to be outdone. Although he does not produce smart washing machines, smart air conditioners and other smart devices, Huawei has built its own unique Hil ink platform, and cooperates with many domestic and foreign well-known real estate and home appliance industry manufacturers to provide a unified, The intelligent application platform has enabled other industries such as home appliances and real estate to have "Mandarin" in the field of "smart home".
So, will Huawei, which already has its own smart home platform, enter the smart lock industry? At the door lock, Huawei's current advantage lies in the high added value of communications, chips, mobile phones, etc., and is the field of high consumption frequency. Although the smart lock is recognized as the entrance of smart home in the industry, after all, smart lock is a field of “low attention, low consumption frequency”. For Huawei, this plate is too small and it is unlikely to come in.
Even if Huawei really enters the field of smart locks, it is not a professional smart lock enterprise, so it will not focus on the smart lock. It is inevitable that it will be difficult to subvert the entire industry. Looking at the old Samsung, the product system is relatively perfect, but in addition to the brand in the field of smart locks, the advantages in terms of product strength and cost-effectiveness in Germany are not obvious.
In summary, if Huawei really wants to enter the smart lock industry, it will set off a certain wave of the smart lock industry, but it is also difficult to change the industry structure. Furthermore, traditional smart lock companies have unparalleled advantages in terms of production, brand and service, such as Huawei and Haier, so all threats are paper tigers.
What should a traditional smart lock enterprise do?
Traditional smart lock companies have been attacked by giants such as Haier, Hikvision, and Dahua. After the double pressure of Internet smart lock companies such as fruit addition and staring, if they add another Huawei, the traditional How do smart lock companies break through?
First, do a good job and improve product strength. Products are the life and foundation of an enterprise. Only by doing a good job can you win the market and consumers. To do a good job first, we must do a good job of product quality. Only after improving the stability of the product can we achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth communication and continuously increase the proportion of smart locks; secondly, improve product functions. This requires traditional smart lock companies to achieve "people without me, people have me excellent"; again pay attention to design. The appearance of the product must consider what kind of locks match the kind of door, and even consider the lock to match the entire style of decoration. The emphasis on design is because the consumers after 80 and 90 are pursuing a customized and noble life.
Second, do a good job of branding and enhance brand influence. Nowadays, it is not the era when the wine is not afraid of the deep alley. The wine is fragrant, the alley is deep, and the taste is not floating. We can't do anything to the alley. Only put the wine outside and let the fragrance float out. Reason, our products are also, we must make the ranking of the products, in order to let the interested customers see, only to be concerned, in order to have later cooperation. Therefore, smart lock companies should focus on promotion and promotion to let more potential customers know about themselves.
Third, do a good job and improve service levels. After all, smart locks are a combination of electronic products and mechanical structures, so they are prone to instability, inability to open, and high power consumption. Therefore, traditional smart lock companies must work harder on after-sales services. Respond to the user and answer the solution within 48 hours regardless of any problems.
Conclusion: All threats are paper tigers, and all victories belong only to those who are willing to concentrate on doing smart locks. How about Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi, 360, as long as
Do a good job in products, do a good job, and do a good job. We believe that the eyes of consumers are bright, let us speak in the market!

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