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The most important thing to decorate a bathroom is waterproof. Although everyone knows, there are countless problems with waterproofing in the decoration. Let's take a look at the construction method of waterproofing the bathroom.

Bathroom decoration waterproofing skills

1. Be sure to make the wall waterproof. Before wall covering the tiles, make the wall waterproof. Generally, the wall surface should be waterproofed to a height of 30 cm, but the non-load-bearing light-weight wall should be waterproofed at least 60 cm.

2. The joint between the wall and the ground and the ground joint between the water and the water are the most prone to problems. It is necessary to urge the workers to handle these corners and the waterproof coating must be applied.

3, re-lay the floor tiles to do the ground waterproof If you need to replace the original floor tiles of the bathroom, after the original floor tiles are cut, you must first use the cement mortar to level the ground, and then do waterproof treatment, so as to avoid the uneven thickness of the waterproof coating. Causes leakage. Always clean the floor before doing waterproofing.

4, try not to damage the original waterproof layer in the newly delivered building, the general ground has made a waterproof layer, so, does not damage the original waterproof layer is generally not leaking.

5. Require the decoration team to do the cement root protection for the upper and lower water pipes of the bathroom. Brush the waterproof coating from 10 to 20 cm from the ground, then re-do the ester waterproofing on the ground, and add the original waterproof layer to form a composite waterproof layer. Enhanced water resistance.

6. The water pipe groove in the wall should also be waterproof. During the construction process, when the pipe, floor drain, etc. pass through the floor, the waterproof layer around the hole must be carefully constructed. The water pipe is buried in the wall to make a reasonable layout. The pipe is uniformly made to be larger than the pipe diameter, the plaster in the groove is smooth, and then the waterproof paint is brushed in the groove.

7. Use 24 hours “water storage test” to check and waterproof. After the waterproof project is finished, seal the door and the drain, fill the bathroom floor with water to reach a certain liquid level, and make a mark. If the liquid level is within 24 hours, There was no significant drop, and there was no leakage in the roof of the house downstairs. Waterproofing was qualified.

Bathroom decoration waterproof specification

1. Waterproof construction should be used for coating waterproof material.

2, the performance of waterproof materials should comply with the relevant national standards, and should have a product certificate.

3. The surface of the base layer should be flat and free of defects such as empty drums, sanding, and cracking. The moisture content of the base layer should meet the construction requirements of the waterproof material.

4, the waterproof layer should extend from the ground to the wall, 250mm above the ground. The waterproof layer of the bathroom wall shall not be less than 1800mm.

5, waterproof cement mortar screed layer and foundation combined with compact, no empty drum, smooth surface, no cracks, sand, yin and yang angles into a circular arc.

6, the coating film waterproof layer is evenly painted, the thickness meets the requirements of product technical regulations, the general thickness is not less than 1.5mm without exposure.

7. The construction joint should be overlapped in the direction of flowing water. The overlap width should be no less than 100mm. When using two or more layers of fiberglass cloth, the height should be shifted by one-half of the width.

8. The surface of the coating film is not blistering, no drooling, smooth and no unevenness, and the joints of the pipe fittings, sanitary ware feet, floor drains and drains are tight and the head is smooth and does not leak.

9. The thickness and strength of the protective layer cement mortar must meet the design requirements. It is strictly forbidden to damage the waterproof layer during operation. According to the design requirements, the surface flooding slope should be done well, the drainage should be smooth, and there should be no water accumulation.

The above is Xiaobian to share the waterproof construction method for your bathroom, I hope to help you decorate your home!

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