Main bearing oil characteristics and use

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Main bearing oil characteristics and use

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-23

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Spindle bearing oil is a special smooth oil for fine machine tools and similar equipment spindle bearings; it plays an important role in ensuring the working accuracy and function of the spindle; extending its service life; also known as bearing oil.
Its main functions:
1. Appropriate viscosity and excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics are used to make the machine tool spindle temperature not too high, so that the machine tool is thermally deformed; affecting the machining accuracy or making the bearing smooth; the smooth temperature oil should be selected according to the spindle bearing layout, rotation speed and bearing clearance. And it needs to have outstanding viscosity-temperature characteristics; avoid the change of the spindle operating temperature and the ambient temperature; the viscosity change is too large and affects its smooth function.
2. Outstanding smoothness is to maintain a uniform oil film between the main shaft and the bearing contact surface; and the oil film is not damaged when the main shaft starts or stops the impact load; the outstanding smooth function plays the role of reducing conflict and conflict heat and lowering the main axis. Temperature rise, ensuring the effect of processing accuracy; demand has outstanding smooth function.
3. Excellent resistance to oxidation machine tool spindles when using the smoothing method; requires the spindle bearing oil to be used for a long time without deformation, so it is required to have excellent oxidation resistance.
4. Outstanding rust resistance Because the oil will inevitably mix into the air in the process of smoothing the spindle, the machine oil will have excellent rust resistance.

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