Ezhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau escorts diamond development

Hubei Daily News Ezhou diamond tool industry has become the main production base of diamond tools and related products in China with advanced technology and flexible marketing mode. The city of Yanji Town, known as the "first town of China's diamond tools", its "Yanji Standard" has also become the national standard.
In recent years, some unscrupulous businessmen have faked the famous diamond brand in Ezhou, which has disrupted the business order of the diamond industry and made the city's diamond brand complain. Faced with various infringements in the diamond market, the Ezhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau took the action of “combating infringement and counterfeiting law enforcement” as the starting point and severely cracked down on the illegal and illegal acts of the diamond market, and acted as the guardian of “the first town of diamond tools in China”. Up to now, a total of 5 cases of diamond counterfeiting infringement have been investigated and handled, with a case value of more than 155,000 yuan.
In order to further standardize the diamond market order, the industrial and commercial department of Ezhou combines the development characteristics of the diamond industry, establishes a spot check system for the segmentation market, and implements differentiated supervision. Intensify inspections on key areas of Yanji Town Market and Diamond Industrial Park, establish a credit account for the diamond market, refine the credit rating of the diamond industry, increase the frequency of inspections for missing credit units, increase supervision, and guide market players to strengthen Self-credit building. Brands need to be created and protected. In the "I do practical things for the operators" activities, with the Ezhou Hongxing Tool Factory, the company successfully rushed to the "Hongxing" old brand trademark, which effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of the operators. This year, under the guidance of the industrial and commercial department of Ezhou City, Exin, Changli, Lilai, etc. have established and improved the brand protection mechanism, and have increased their investment in brand protection.
As of October, Ezhou City's industrial and commercial system has dispatched 2,737 law enforcement personnel (persons), and inspected the main business of 6,940 (households); inspected 1,302 markets (times) in wholesale and retail markets and bazaars, and accepted and disposed of consumer appeals. A total of 6301 pieces, the accumulated economic losses for consumers recovered 2,486,600 yuan; 125 cases of "doubles", the case value of 1.14 million yuan, including 7 trademark infringement cases, the case value of 130,000 yuan, creating a fair market environment and security Reassuring consumer environment.

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