What materials are used for a long time? Choose showers from these four steps

After a hard day's work, many people will come to a comfortable bath after returning home. The shower will relieve our body's fatigue and make our body and mind relaxed. And the bathroom shower is also used more frequently, so it is necessary to buy a shower with good quality. There are many styles of showers on the market, and the quality of products varies widely. So, how do we choose showers ? What brands of showers are there? If the showers are not of good quality, problems such as leakage and rust are prone to occur. Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary to understand the relevant content of the shower .

First, what is the material of the shower?

1. Plastic material, the outlet hole is silicone. Solar water heaters have a long history of scale, and scale can block water holes. If it is silicone, it can be cleaned only by squeezing by hand. The plastic shower has good performance, strength and heat resistance are also acceptable, and the price is affordable. The disadvantage is that it is easily heated and deformed.

2. Stainless steel showers, which were common a few years ago, have been rare in recent years. Advantages: wear-resistant, no rust, affordable. Disadvantages: Single style. Work is not in place.

3. Aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy advantages: wear-resistant, durable. Disadvantages: The time will be long. From the shape, color to match. After selecting the style and color, select the material of the product. Next look at the plating. In general, the hardware showers are copper, stainless steel, alloys, and plastics.

4. Hollow copper chrome plating advantages: style, moderate price. Disadvantages: not wear, in the wet environment will fall off, thin plating, easy deformation, regular manufacturers generally do not have this problem. However, some manufacturers use thick tubes, but their walls are thin and their use is broken.

Second, what kind of material used in the shower?

1. The shower faucet material is generally made of copper. Copper is less rusted than ordinary metals. The appearance of the shower nozzle is plated with 5 times of plating. This is so durable. Because the bathroom is damp, the hardware is best used with space aluminum.

2. The material of the shower head's valve core is recommended to use high-hardness ceramics. The valve core made of ceramic has good sealing performance, durability and no rust.

3. Shower hoses are: metal hoses, PVC reinforced tubes, etc., which is not a good answer. When buying, look at the surface flatness, uniform gap, solid structure, and strong resistance to damage.

Selecting a shower can be “see” from the following four steps:

1. Look at the plating

See if the plating on the shower surface is clean. Nickel plating improves the hardness of the shower, and chrome plating enhances the decorative nature of the shower. Due to the dampness of the bathroom, it may rust in long-term use. Different materials of the body, the chrome plating process is different. A good tube body is made of copper, and the surface is polished, polished, dusted, etc. to ensure no blistering and shedding during use. In general, from the point of view of the shower surface, the lighter and brighter the eye can see, the plating process The better,

2. Look at the spool

The spool is the heart of the shower. The steering, pressure and flow of the shower are achieved by the spool. It directly affects the length of life and comfort of use.

It is recommended to select the ceramic valve core to see the hardness of the ceramic, such as the valve core is not smooth, wear-resistant, it is best to choose;

3. Look at the injection method

Due to the different internal design, the injection method is also different. In general, handheld showers have a massage function, and a variety of jetting modes provide a comfortable experience.

4. See spray effect

To see if the water flow from each hole is balanced, the spray effect is good. The amount of water distributed in each hole is basically uniform.

Look at these four aspects to understand the craftsmanship, lifespan, function and effect of the shower. There is also a way to determine: Handle the body and determine the quality of the material. The same with chrome shower, some businesses will use cast iron pipe impersonation of copper pipe, a simple way to determine: hand to hold the pipe, wait 2 or 3 seconds after the release, such as the fog on the tube for a long time , It is likely to be a cast iron pipe. If there is no change in the pipe body after the hand is left, it is basically judged as a copper pipe.

Editor's summary: The above is what the material used in the shower is selected for a long time. The shower is selected from the four-step view of the relevant knowledge, showers are often used in life, so everyone buys or buys a better quality. The shower is better. Quality showers can be used for a long time, of course, everyone can also buy according to their own family conditions.

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