Kitchen socket height How many suitable kitchen sockets Installation precautions

Rice cookers, microwave ovens, range hoods, various small household appliances ..... kitchen appliances can be a hand over the number of, so many electrical appliances how to allocate outlets? Those who have experienced renovations should all know that the number, location, and height of socket installations in each area of ​​the home are very important because they play a very important role in the convenience of home life in the later stages. Describes in detail the kitchen socket height standards and the precautions for kitchen socket installation.

First, the height of the kitchen socket - how much is appropriate

To understand the height of the kitchen socket, first of all to determine what electrical appliances are used in this socket. The height of the sockets used in different kitchen appliances is also different. The following is a detailed description of Xiaobian.

1, range hood

(1) European-style range hoods are generally about 2100 mm from the ground, with the middle of the range hood being left and right.

(2) Chinese range hoods are generally about 2100mm from the ground. When the exhaust duct is on the left side, the socket is placed on the right, and when the exhaust duct is on the right side, the outlet is put to the left.

2, microwave oven

Generally about 2000 mm from the ground

3, water heater

About 1200mm from the ground, in the water heater below the left or right, does not affect the hot and cold water and gas pipes prevail.

4, disinfection cabinet

Hanging on the wall generally about 2000mm from the ground; vertical type in the cabinet, about 500mm from the ground, behind the disinfecting cabinet, the general plug in not unplugged.

5. Xiaobao

About 500mm from the ground, in the cabinet next to the sink cabinet. Avoid splashing water and splash it on the socket.

6, rice cooker, small oven, juicer, electric kettle, induction cooker, electric cake pan, etc.

Generally used five holes, with ground, about 1200mm from the ground, can not be above the sink and stove.

7, garbage processor

A socket is left in the cabinet next to the sink, about 500 mm from the ground, and a button switch is also provided at a place easily accessible to the hand.

8, oven

Generally placed below the gas stove, about 500mm from the ground, in the back of the oven, the general plug in not pull it down.

9, refrigerator

Behind the side of the refrigerator, about 500mm from the ground

10, gas cooker with induction cooker

Gas stove cabinet, about 500mm from the ground.

11, cabinet lights

Prepare the lamp behind the cabinet, about 1700mm from the ground, throw out the wire, you can get the lamp under the hanging cabinet.

Second, kitchen socket height - installation considerations

1. Remember to buy the appliance in advance and then decide whether it is left or right depending on the specific outlet.

2, gas water heater socket to avoid the water heater and inlet and outlet pipes and gas pipes, and try to stay in the wall position to facilitate the layout of the flue.

3. In the kitchen, not only sockets for range hoods, refrigerators, rice cookers, etc., but also reserved outlets.

4, some kitchen sockets can be selected with some switches, so as not to pull the plug in the future use.

5, the kitchen switch, socket to avoid installing around the gas stove.

6, many people are accustomed to using the same socket with two appliances, but from a scientific point of view, if the two appliances are charged at the same time, the demand for a larger current, so that a long time, even if the socket is not damaged, but the body of the wall The lines are easily aged and dangerous, so if you can, use an outlet for an appliance.

Editing summary: The above is Xiao Bian about the height of the kitchen socket and the number of kitchen socket installation notes, everyone for the home kitchen socket height is appropriate, is not there a more comprehensive understanding of it, but also by the way to understand the kitchen socket installation notes, If you still want to learn more about home-related knowledge, then focus on us!

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