How much does it cost to install floor heating?

If you buy an air conditioner 3000 yuan, you think that the floor heating is definitely expensive. Floor heating 100 square meters installation + material down is generally 25000-35000 yuan. The usage fee is 1,000 yuan in January. Building insulation, floor heating and insulation are well used. The condensing furnace is about 700 in January. If these are not done, the floor heating and insulation will be done indiscriminately, and the use will be chaotic, and there will be 1700 in January. Specifically, if you do 700 yuan in January? Here are some questions about the cost of installing floor heating , let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!


First, the installation of floor heating costs - the size of the installation area

The size of the installed floor heating area will also affect the installation price of the floor heating. The size of the room heating area is related to the amount of electric heating cable or the amount of water heating pipe, and the heating area is larger, the power selection of the floor heating heating boiler will also be corresponding. Increase, the price will increase accordingly.

Second, the cost of heating the floor heating - the nature of the floor heating

Electric floor heating installation costs: The installation price of electric floor heating mainly depends on the heating materials, the power per square meter and the temperature controller. The auxiliary materials are almost the same as the floor heating. At present, the installation price per square meter of power-on floor heating is 150-350, mainly due to the different prices of heating materials - heating cable, carbon crystal floor heating, carbon fiber electric floor heating, and electric heating film.

Water floor heating installation cost: The calculation of water floor heating installation price is more complicated than electric floor heating. Generally speaking, the price of water floor heating pipe per square meter is about 100 yuan, if it is counted as gas boiler, water collector, temperature controller and other related Accessories, auxiliary materials, water floor heating price per square meter is about 180-320 yuan, the price is equivalent to electric floor heating.

Third, the installation of floor heating costs - floor heating construction unit selection

The maturity of the floor heating installation is related to the service life of the floor heating. Some floor heating companies have not been established for a long time, and the technology is not mature. The user choice may be cheaper, but the installation quality and after-sales cannot be guaranteed.


Fourth, the installation of floor heating costs - floor heating brand selection

The floor heating brand is one of the important factors affecting the price of floor heating. Some brands are cheaper, some are relatively high, but one price is worth the price.

V. Floor heating costs - floor heating materials

Floor heating pipe: The same is the floor heating, the price difference of different pipes is very big. Wall-hung boiler: gas wall-hung boiler is the heat source of floor heating. In terms of price, due to higher technical content, the price of imported wall-hung boiler is generally higher than that of domestically produced. For example, the world's first brand Weieng original imported wall-hung boiler generally has more than 10,000 yuan. However, its service life is more than twice that of domestic furnaces.

Dividing water collector: The sub-catchment is equivalent to the pillar in the floor heating system. The water separator is used to distribute the water of the boiler evenly to each branch and then collect the return water of each road to the boiler for heating. Thermostat: A kind of end control product for controlling heating equipment, which can be conveniently set according to people's needs.

The above is the whole content of the installation of the floor heating costs for Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, the small masters have a basic understanding of the floor heating costs. If you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration. Process section.

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