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Many owners only look at the approximate style, feel, etc. when they look at the cabinet. They do not know how to systematically judge whether the quality of a set of cabinets is reliable. Today Xiao Bian uses a common style of cabinets as an example to take everyone's assessments and let everyone refer to the key points of evaluating a set of cabinets.


Look at the whole:

Popular utility model, economical price grade. The overall shape is not too fancy. The silver-gray color of the panel is resistant to dirt and is not depressing. There is a slight ripple above it, avoiding monotony. The design of multiple drawers allows for more orderly placement of items. The hardware of well-known brands guarantees the overall service life and is an economical choice. Suitable for modern minimalist kitchens.

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The door panel is geekboard, simple style and color, it is simple and real. When used, it is very resistant to dirt. General stains cannot leave unsightly traces. There is a slight ripple above it and it feels simple.


Hardware is very important for cabinets. This set of cabinets uses the hardware of Germany's Häfele, and its brand awareness is very high. It belongs to the mainstream brands of the Shanghai cabinet market and its quality is relatively guaranteed.


The slide rails of the drawers are relatively smooth, and it is also very good that the hand presses in the gravity-bearing capacity, and there are no inferior sounds from the cabinets. However, no damping is installed. If decorator wants it, you can install it separately.


The hinged installation of stainless steel is more meticulous and tight, with no rough wooden pits. There is no noise when switching. Häfele’s cabinet hardware is still relatively trustworthy.


The style of the next cabinet is also a very simple design, with a lot of storage space. Smooth surface is not easy to hide dirt, so housewives can clean up. What is in the ointment is that there is more than enough material and the personality is slightly lacking.


The built-in electric appliances are arranged below the cooktop, conforming to the scientific principle of cabinet integration, and the user-friendly design is easy to operate. If the decorator does not want to configure, he can also flexibly change to a drawer or a cabinet if he wishes.

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