Chinese-style living room decoration how to save money Chinese style living room decoration precautions

There are various styles of house decoration, and the cost of each style of decoration is different. Then, how can Chinese style living room decoration styles save money? What are the precautions for Chinese-style living room decoration? The following Xiaobian gives you a detailed introduction.

Chinese style living room decoration how to save money

1. The suspended ceiling of Chinese style living room can adopt the ceiling of imitation solid wood effect, because the traditional ceiling production and construction are more complicated, and its cost is also very high. And now there is a more popular ceiling is a solid wood ceiling, the cost is relatively high. This ceiling is directly grooved in the panel to form the shape of a solid wood strip, and then brushed matt wood varnish. This effect is similar to that of imitation wood ceilings, but the cost of imitation wood ceilings can be saved by about half.

2. The Chinese-style living room decoration floor can use cement self-leveling floor. This kind of decoration is also very economical. Most construction workers of this kind of renovation construction process can also do it, and then later waxing, brushing cement varnish and other follow-up treatment. This effect is relatively smooth, flat, and seamless overall cement floor. This kind of decoration is suitable for the modern country, modern and simple decoration style, and the ground is easy to clean, and its maintenance costs are relatively low. This cement self-leveling floor can also decorate a lot of colored art effects, and can also be personalized in the process of brushing varnish, so that its effect is more colorful. Ordinary cement self-leveling process cost about 20 yuan per square or so, compared to the practice of flooring, tiling, etc., can save about 100 yuan per square.

3. The Chinese-style living room decoration lighting can use the barrel light to replace the traditional lighting. The price of the barrel light is very cheap. This is a combination of a number of tin cover barrel lights, installed in the ceiling of the living room ceiling, so that both can have the effect of lighting, but also can play a decorative effect. However, the light of this kind of lamp is dazzling and cannot be viewed directly.

Chinese-style living room decoration notes

1. The ceiling of Chinese-style living room decoration is best designed with four sides thick and thin in the middle, so that it can relieve the pressure of the formation of the sky, and its visual effect will be better. Hanging a magnificence of a crystal lamp in the concave position in the middle of the ceiling will add the finishing touch.

2. If the original lighting of their apartment is not very good, then the Chinese-style living room decoration will have to make up for it in the light. A fluorescent lamp can be hidden around the ceiling to increase brightness. This light is reflected from the ceiling, will not glare, and its light is closer to the sun, the most suitable for the poor lighting of the living room.

The article concludes: Buying a house is a major event in life, and the cost of buying a house is also large. If you are nervous about the funds, the decoration will definitely want to spend less, and can be decorated well. The above Chinese-style living room decoration how to save money and Chinese style living room decoration precautions for your reference.

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