For pricing of fine stone concrete pump prices, you can also look at these

As we all know, in addition to the quality of the use of the product, the price is the means to enable sellers and buyers to successfully trade. The pricing of fine stone concrete pump prices is directly related to whether consumers are considering buying it. Consumers will always consider, compare, and make a certain inquiry to the manufacturer before determining whether they want to buy this product. Regarding the pricing of fine stone concrete pumps, Xiao Bian feels that there are still many places to pay attention to and understand. After all, knowing ourselves and knowing each other can be unfavorable.


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Pricing for any product price is more difficult, but it has to be done because pricing is the basic premise that will sell the product. Because price is an important reason for the success of marketing, when the company is pricing, in addition to the calculation of the cost of the test, it is important that the price is set and whether the customer can accept and purchase. When pricing, the pricing method must be mastered.


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The factors affecting pricing are internal factors and external factors.

1. Internal factors mainly include (1) sales target profit in advance; (2) cost price, cost price of product production; (3) why pricing, pricing is for what, and so on.
2. External factors (1) Product prices produced by other manufacturers in the same industry, (2) Demand share of products in the market; (3) Relevant policies and regulations promulgated by the state; (4) Other factors.

There are three basic methods for pricing: total cost pricing method, value pricing method, and demand pricing method. Among them, the cost pricing method is the first method to be selected. When the cost pricing is not applicable, the merchant can also choose the value pricing method, the demand pricing method and other methods for pricing. Of course, in addition to the pricing methods mentioned above, some pricing Strategy, this, will continue to explain for you in the future.


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Product parameters

Model: KN95

Style: ear - mounted

Breathing valve: none

Filter level: KN95

Color: white

Activated carbon: none

Execution standard: GB2626-2006

Certification: CE FDA EUA

Packing specification: 50 pieces/box 1200 pieces/carton

Material composition:

The outer layer is 50g non-woven fabric, the second layer is 40g hot-air cotton, the third and fourth layer is 25g non-woven fabric, and the inner layer is 25g non-woven fabric.



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