Recommended by Shanghai Top Ten Decoration Companies in Shanghai

As a first-tier city, Shanghai has a large number of decoration companies, causing a major dilemma for consumers to choose. The ranking of the top ten decoration companies in Shanghai can give more information to select the decoration companies whose quality and service are satisfactory. Today I will introduce you to the top ten decoration companies in Shanghai , and recommend a few decoration companies that you can rest assured.

Top ten decoration companies in Shanghai

1. Xixin Decoration

In the decoration market in Shanghai, Xixin Decoration occupies a certain leading position. Since its establishment, the company has used honest and trustworthy standards to serve everyone who needs decoration. Moreover, construction personnel and designers have professional skills.

2. Deposit and decoration

In the 1990s, Shencun Decoration Company was founded successfully, and its team has specialized technology. When designing a new house for the owner, it is not only required to satisfy the owner's use function, but also make the interior more warm and satisfy the owner's aesthetic.

3. Hao Shang Decoration

Haoshang Decoration provides consumers with better quality design services, as long as the consumers approve, then proceed to the next step of construction. The service area includes not only the decoration of new houses, but also the decoration of hotels, villas, offices and other areas.

4. Jingyi Decoration

Jingyi Decoration is a big company in Shanghai. The designers and constructors in the company are a group of people with self-cultivation and integrity. Not only to create the most romantic living room for consumers, but also to provide the most intimate service.

5. Daxian Decoration

Daxian Decoration provides customers with the most intimate and worry-free services. The service areas include design and decoration of apartments, villas and offices, as well as furniture accessories for customers to choose.

6. Red ant decoration

In 2003, red ant decoration began to appear in the field of decoration. All construction workers and supervisors in the interior were professionally trained and accumulated a lot of professional knowledge to better serve the public.

7. Hongting Decoration

Hongting Decoration was established in 2003. It has a group of high-quality, highly-educated, and highly-skilled staff. The entire team reaches 100 people, providing better services to consumers.

8. Moxa decoration

Aiwen Decoration continues to innovate in design, designing a home design that satisfies the owner, and will give the owner a transparent budget quotation to let the owner understand the entire decoration process.

9. Haidaqian Building Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Whether it is a large project or a small area of ​​home design, the company will use the best design to serve customers, provide the best quality service, innovative design, and improve the quality of life to a higher level.

10. Oubia Decoration

In Shanghai, this is a well-known decoration company. After so many years of operation, it puts style design in the first place, and all construction is carried out with superb technology.

Editor's conclusion: After reading the introduction of the top ten decoration companies in Shanghai , can we choose a decoration company that gives us peace of mind? When we choose a decoration company, we must not worry, we need to consider in many ways, so that we can choose to sell I am satisfied with the decoration company.

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