The 4th China Metal Cutting Tool Customer Satisfaction Service Brand Selection Award Ceremony was held

Abstract Grasping new trends and creating new cutting processing in the era of wisdom and manufacturing With the in-depth implementation of China Manufacturing 2025, the downstream manufacturing industry is paying more and more attention to the deep integration of the new generation of information, network technology and machine tool industry represented by the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence. , constantly to the high end...

Grasping new trends, creating a new cutting process in the era of wisdom

With the in-depth implementation of China Manufacturing 2025, the downstream manufacturing industry is paying more and more attention to the deep integration of the new generation of information, network technology and machine tool industry represented by the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and continues to be high-end, digital and intelligent. Transformation, this urgently requires tool industry enterprises to grasp new trends and discover new demands.

On the afternoon of June 26th, the 2018 China Metal Cutting Tool Industry Summit and the 4th China Metal Cutting Tool Customer Satisfaction Service Brand Awarding Ceremony (hereinafter referred to as “Selection Activities”) in Beijing under the theme of “Chi-making era cutting” held with grandeur.


Nowadays, tool manufacturers in the whole industry are undergoing a transition from product suppliers to service providers. For more companies, it is not enough to focus on technology innovation. It is also necessary to improve the ability of full-service. Only then Tool companies can become a more stable partner in the manufacturing sector's industrial chain, thus achieving a stable and reliable market share. Therefore, more and more tool companies regard the service link in the product value chain as one of the most important business activities, and strive to re-establish the competitive advantage of the company through differentiated, refined and customized services. Under such a trend, the Electromechanical Business News Agency, together with CIMES Today, launched and held the selection event.

At the meeting, Du Haitao, general manager of Beijing Zhuozhong Publishing Co., Ltd. delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He said, “China, as a manufacturing power, is the most promising market for the tool industry. It runs through the life cycle of the entire product and continuously introduces user-approved tools, which is conducive to true integration into the Chinese market. Play an important role. I hope that this influential, forward-looking and authoritative selection activity will be better and better in the future, and promote the further development and progress of the industry."

Subsequently, representatives from tool companies such as Sandvik Coromant and Iskar shared their success stories in digital processing on the theme of the summit, and discussed the future development of cutting in the context of smart manufacturing with more than 100 participants. The executive director of the China Knife Association and the first member of the Expert Committee of the China Machinery Machine Tool Application Technology Expert Committee delivered a keynote speech entitled "Market Industry Market Situation and Facing Intelligent Challenges", detailing and analyzing the global and various The tool market data of major countries, the detailed data made the participants a lot. At the award ceremony held later, representatives of 21 award-winning companies received trophies and medals that recognized the user's approval.

The selection activity lasted more than 6 months, and a total of 1987 valid questionnaires were collected, covering the automotive and parts manufacturing industry, general parts and components industry, mold industry, energy industry, aerospace industry, machine tool manufacturing and other fields. From first-line mechanics and engineers to chief engineers and chief craftsmen, it is worth mentioning that more than 65% of users have given their own opinions and suggestions on the open issues raised by the organizers. After the questionnaire-based voting statistics, a total of 37 brands were successfully selected. This selection has also become an important award for many excellent tool brands and an important honor for brand promotion. In the end, 21 brands such as Sandvik Coromant and Zhuzhou Diamond stood out. The highest vote rate among them was 67.39%. The popular vote rate was between 20% and 55%. These brands eventually became “Chinese metal cutting tool users”. Satisfied with the service brand."

Among them, with the votes of far more than other brands, Sandvik Coromant, Iskar, Kennametal, Seco, Walter, Tailuo, Oushi, Mapa, No., Yujie and Mitsubishi Materials Won the title of “Customer Service Satisfaction Brand” of Foreign Capital Group, Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengquan Tools Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinlu Special Alloy Co., Ltd., Hengfeng Tools Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinwanzhong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Karma (Suzhou) Precision Tools Co., Ltd., Fenike Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Sentai Yingge (Chengdu) CNC Tool Co., Ltd., Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. and Dalian Far East Tools Co., Ltd. Service satisfaction brand" title.

The “China Metal Cutting Tool Customer Satisfaction Service Brand Selection” has been held for the fourth time this year. It has witnessed the development of the tool industry service and delivered the concept of service innovation. While leading the majority of users to objectively evaluate the metal cutting tool service brand in the Chinese market, it will promote the service level of each tool brand and promote the healthy development of the Chinese tool market. In the future, the selection activities will work together with all tool companies in the Chinese market to make the Chinese tool market more prosperous and make China's machinery manufacturing industry more competitive.

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