Intercooler end caps made of BASF lightweight polyamide help build energy-efficient cars

HC Plastics News: Intercooler end cap made of BASF Ultramid® is 40% lighter than similar metal products

Lightweight materials solutions save energy and help automakers meet China's stringent emission standards

Intercooler end caps made of BASF lightweight polyamide help build energy-efficient cars

Intercooler end caps made of BASF lightweight polyamide help build energy-efficient cars

Shanghai, China—July 10, 2018—Lightweight intercooler end caps made from BASF's high temperature Ultramid® polyamide further enhance automotive engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Together with global automotive supplier Hanon Systems, BASF has developed a component that replaces traditional metal end caps and reduces weight by 40%.

Andy Postlethwaite, senior vice president of Asia Pacific for BASF's Specialty Materials Division, said: "75% of fuel consumption is related to the weight of the car, so weight reduction is still critical for today's automakers. We expect to replace metals with composite polymers. Demand will continue to grow. The use of Ultramid in such applications can improve engine performance, reduce production costs, and help automakers meet China's increasingly stringent emissions standards."

Due to the excellent long-term heat aging resistance of Ultramid A3W2G10 under pressure fluctuation conditions, Hanon Systems applied it to the intercooler end cap for the first time in the Chinese market. This grade has excellent strength and hardness at high temperatures, improves weld strength, and is easy to process and has excellent surface quality. It is also widely used in thermal management systems.

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