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The tide of reform is vast, and in almost every wave, the shadow of Dongguan is indispensable.

In recent years, this city known as the "World Factory" has begun a challenging "second start-up", driven by innovation to upgrade the manufacturing industry upstream, and explored a unique "wand transformation" path.


Among them, many furniture manufacturing enterprises gathered in Houjie, Dongguan, have also embarked on this new journey of change.

â–² Houjie

Houjie is "famous" for furniture. The establishment of the International (Dongguan) Famous Furniture Fair is closely related to the development of local furniture companies and the home furnishing industry.

In recent years, under the guidance and promotion of the Famous Furniture Fair, the whole house customization that embraces design has become an important path for the transformation of the Dongguan furniture industry.


As Fang Runzhong, the general manager of Famous Furniture Fair, said that China's home furnishing industry is currently in a critical period of transformation, transformation, innovation and upgrading. Famous Furniture Fair must firmly grasp the new opportunities for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and promote the industry around the theme of integration and change The connection of the resources of all parties in the chain leads the company to continue to explore new high-end customization directions.

"Custom" is no longer a new topic, but in the face of younger consumers and changing markets, how can traditional furniture manufacturers adjust their pace to better keep pace with the market ? And how to make customized services available to consumers at low cost and high quality ?

Lin Yuanling, deputy general manager of the Famous Furniture Fair, said that as a platform to show industry trends, the purpose of the show is to empower companies to better integrate "design + manufacturing" and integrate grafting resources, while also inspiring deep thinking of corporate brands. To find the most suitable way out for your own development, transformation and upgrading.

After the transformation of the home furnishing market and the reshuffle of the industry in recent years, many furniture companies have already taken the lead in "customization".

At the "China Whole House Customization Exhibition and Dongguan International Design Week" in July, a large number of custom-made furniture will present a new look different from the past. As for how "new" it is? This will open the highlight "fresh" viewing mode , you will know after reading!



Three-dimensional minimalist lifestyle

Booth number | 3C05, MD-06, 09, 8-1F07-09, 21

Modern fast-paced life makes many people ignore the essence of life. Dechi Home hopes to bring people peace of mind and truly enjoy the comfortable life nestled on the sofa.

Founded in 2006, Dechi Home Furnishings is headquartered in Dongguan, the famous furniture and trade capital. With more than ten years of development, Dechi has never stopped growing. It has inherited and developed the concept of home design of Italian origin, and the product innovation that never stops, contains a strong design power.

â–² Dechi Home Furnishing

At the Furniture Fair in July, the "Filic Design" design of Dechi Home Furnishing 's brand will also be unveiled together, in order to meet the comprehensive composite high-end customized design needs of designers, dealers and consumers. Professional functional layout design, colors, accessories and other comprehensive minimalist style interpretation, shaping a three-dimensional minimalist lifestyle.

"Filips Design" covers all furniture products including living room, dining room, bedroom, study, cloakroom, etc., as well as wall panels, wooden doors, sliding doors, wooden floors, floor tiles, fireplaces, screens, lamps, bathrooms, and closed aluminum Articles and other hard-wearing materials, as well as all soft-wear products such as paintings, carpets, curtains, ornaments and so on.

Really realize the one-stop service of check-in from rough-bag.

â–² Dechi Home Furnishing


Zhuo Yi

The essence of Sino-Italian cultural and fashion exchange

Booth No. | 3C03

Established in 1996, Dongguan Zhuoyi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Italian technical cooperation development enterprise engaged in high-end home customization. As a leader in the home furnishing industry, the high-end whole-house custom-made brand, Trevaldino , actively participates in international cooperation and is committed to achieving the goal of "high-quality home living".

â–² Zhuofi Dino

Zorvatina, which will also "appear" at the July exhibition, will bring stylish whole-house custom products designed and developed by Italian and domestic design experts.

Zhuoyi has set up a research and development institution in Florence, Italy , which has gathered many international and domestic design experts. Through the ingenious integration of humanized design and culture, it is constantly innovating and is committed to bringing global frontier high-end custom home products to global families.

â–² Zhuofi Dino



Huicu classic quality life

Booth number | 3D05

Since its establishment in 2005, Huihao Home Furnishing is a company that focuses on the production and sale of high-end wood doors through the procurement of high-quality wood worldwide.

Since 2007, he has been involved in the overall log customization. It is one of the earliest companies in China to implement integrated design, R & D, production and sales of high-end log customization.

In 2018, based on the global design trends and development trends, Huihao Home Furnishing took the opportunity of the 20th Famous Furniture Exhibition to advance with the times and created the "Meranti" whole-house solid wood custom light luxury brand.

â–² Huihao Meranti

This year, at the Home Furnishing Expo Park in Houjie, Dongguan, the 700-square-meter high-end whole-house custom pavilion created by Huihao Home Furnishing is about to be completed.

It is understood that this new experience store that includes the overall soft decoration design has changed the original classic and heavy traditional impression of Huihao high-end log customization. By combining fashionable materials such as stone, metal, glass, etc., international fashion elements and various new The materials and the natural texture of the logs are organically combined. From the image of the facade of the exhibition hall to the new products in the store, the concept of light luxury customization of the whole house of Huihao is reinterpreted. The new products in the exhibition hall are mainly based on simple European series, modern simple series and new Chinese series , to create a living space closer to the preferences of young customers .

â–² Huihao Meranti


Cheung Kong

Long and real

Booth No. 3D06, 9-2B21-22

Founded in 1993, Cheung Kong Furniture is one of the earliest large-scale enterprises specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of neo-classical furniture in China. It is also one of the largest neo-classical and dining table and chair manufacturers in China.

For more than 20 years of development, Cheung Kong has continuously launched brand products that conform to and lead the market trend, combining the aesthetics of international modern furniture, and working with foreign professional designers to create simple art series, Nordson series, light luxury series, Bulgari series and other brands .

â–² Bulgari series

At the exhibition in July, Changshi Bulgari will cooperate with Wanwujia at the big house exhibition. According to Chen Deming, director of Changshi Furniture Region, there are already some newly developed products that are starting to proof, based on the upgrade and extension of the existing series of products In the meantime, furniture products that can better integrate into the overall space atmosphere will be presented.

â–² Chen Deming, Director of Cheung Kong Furniture Region

Chen Deming said that brand and design are the core competitiveness of Cheung Kong Furniture. He hopes that enterprises and brands can continue to upgrade and continue, and develop into a long-lasting century-old enterprise with real ingenuity.

â–² Bulgari series



Exclusive customization of technology and environmental protection

Booth number | 3D11, 8-1E05, 10

KAVIAR Furniture Co., Ltd., an Italian-style professional furniture company integrating "design, production, sales and supporting services", was established in 2009. Over the years, it has been committed to the overseas market and has a large number of foreign partners. It is sold to more than 10 countries and regions including Europe, America and the Middle East. Kafeia's advantages in system management, technology, equipment and supporting services have also paved the way for its entry into the domestic market and won a reputation.

â–² Cafia

The Mo Fei series , launched in April this year, is the second brand series created by Ka Feiya. It is aimed at the young and upstart with an Italian minimalist style.

Zhang Jiajia, director of operations of Kafeiya, said that the Kafeiya and Mofei series will be on display at Hall 3 in July. Mo Fei series products are mainly based on technological wood veneer, while highlighting environmental protection, creating a high-quality overall space atmosphere. Compared with Kafiya series, Mo Fei series is more cost-effective . The most special point is that whether it is Kafia or Mofei, the design is the core, and the color matching of the home is tailored according to the five elements of the customer's body .

â–² Cafia


Home delivery

Revival of Chinese traditional culture

Booth number | 3D15

Unlike the current custom-made panel furniture in the market, Zhongshen Home Furnishing focuses on full solid wood customization .

Since there are many styles involved, and the construction level such as edge banding, top line, waist line and other details vary, the process of customizing solid wood is more complicated. It is precisely because of various factors such as craftsmanship, construction cycle, wood cost, etc. that restrict the large-scale development of solid wood customization. However, for more than ten years, Zhongshen Home Furnishing still insists on customizing solid wood.

As Hu Jianghui, chairman of Zhongshen Zhaibei, said, China ’s solid wood culture of more than 2,000 years has many crafts worth inheriting, and the national things are the best.

â–² Zhongshen home furnishing showroom products

According to Hu Jianghui, the prosperity and development of an industry must be in full bloom. If you just admire a certain outlet or a certain type of product, then this industry has no future.

He believes that the new industrial revolution will bring tremendous changes to everyone's life, but now he will still do a good job of furniture first.

It is understood that at the exhibition in July, the Shenzhen-Zhenhai house will bring custom-made cloakroom, hotel engineering and other aspects of the show.

â–² Middle and deep house with rosewood customization


Window of the City | Yi Rui

Comprehensively innovate modern home style

Booth number | 3D17

The 2019 China Whole House Customization Exhibition and Dongguan International Design Week, Window of the City is about to launch the "Yi Rui" overall home improvement model , providing decoration, water and electricity transformation, main materials, furniture, kitchen appliances, soft decoration and other one-stop Service decoration mode.

▲ Window of the City | Yi Rui

The city window "Yi Rui" brand is positioned as an Italian post-modern light luxury brand , taking curve as the design inspiration, giving more imaginary space with flowing visual effects, combining curve elements with home, exaggerated shape design breaks inertial thinking , Comprehensively innovate the modern home style.

▲ Window of the City | Yi Rui

Yi Rui's design style is positioned in the Italian post-modernist style, a large number of Hong Kong-style home style elements are used, and a lot of restrained cool colors, such as "earth color", such as gray, khaki, coffee, etc. Using exquisite accessories, I prefer to reveal a Hong Kong-style luxury from the details.

▲ Window of the City | Yi Rui



Create a new style of humanity living space

Booth number | 3E01

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Be brave to accept criticism and always pursue perfection", Dongguan Henghui Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a large-scale furniture enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The products cover four series: office furniture, civil furniture, hotel furniture and shopping mall display cabinets.

Henghui has always adhered to the dual track of domestic and foreign sales . Exports are mainly for the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East. Domestic brands include "Left Bank Impression", "Economic Space", "Hill" and "Bella". Among them, Hill North American black walnut series is one of the earliest domestically produced modern Italian style furniture.

â–² Hill HERE

Consumers' one-stop shopping demand for home products has led to the rapid prototyping of big home concepts. In order to comply with the market and seek changes, Henghui has launched one-stop shopping, whole home, custom home and whole-house custom and other big home concepts .

The company's product line extends from focusing on the customization of furniture to the customization of the whole-house lifestyle, providing consumers with a convenient and fast consumer experience to the greatest extent, from household products in different spaces to the closeness of human emotions, leisure states, living scenes, and lifestyles. The consumption experience will be upgraded in relation to other aspects.

At the July exhibition, the audience will see the customized products of the upgraded "Hill" and "Bella" , which are more individualized and more artistic and practical .

â–² Bella bella



Write the style of life

Booth number | 3E02,9-1B03

Changfeng Furniture, which has been focusing on European-style furniture and is well-known in the domestic market, has been established and developed in 1989 for 30 years.

Since 2008, Changfeng has been involved in the customization of the whole house, including all hard-mounted and soft-installed links such as wall panels, cabinets, stairs, cloakrooms, etc., to provide customers with complete design solutions. Different from the previous high-end European customization, the series of music notation released by Changfeng in 2018 caters to the needs of the young consumer groups and focuses on light luxury products.

â–² Changfeng Furniture Notator

According to Li Zhumao, deputy general manager of Changfeng Furniture Musician, the music producer will present a tasteful Italian-style concise image at the July exhibition, creating a refreshing and simple living space as a whole.

Compared with the minimalist style products of the first generation of the music notation maker, the iterative second-generation products have been upgraded from design to customization, covering the whole house of furniture products. , To meet the quality of life consumers need.

â–² Changfeng Furniture Notator


He Tingxuan

Simple and solemn avant-garde classic

Booth number | 3E19

The Italian-style modern furniture brand "He Ting Xuan", founded in 1992, belongs to Dongguan Yonghe Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has developed into one of large-scale, modern and professional furniture manufacturing enterprises integrating R & D, design, production and marketing.

In addition to the original creative minimalist series "He Ting Xuan", the company also owns the authentic American series "North Carolina" and the fashionable new American series "Floret".

â–² He Ting Xuan

With a history of more than 20 years, "He Ting Xuan" has always maintained a keen tentacle of modern lifestyle, always adhere to the simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic design concept, to create quality life for customers.

Its products cover the whole house space series such as bedroom, living room, dining room, study, etc. It is one of the leaders of modern furniture.

In order to cater to market demand, "He Ting Xuan" will also provide customers with a one-stop solution for whole house assembly. At the July exhibition, "He Ting Xuan" will also bring more wonderful experiences to the visitors.

â–² He Ting Xuan


Huasheng PDC

New minimalist style products are available

Booth No. 3E30, 9-5C01-07

Founded in 1990, Huasheng Furniture Group is a large furniture enterprise integrating furniture R & D, manufacturing, marketing and storage logistics. Specializing in the production of whole-house customization, villa clubs, and hotel engineering supporting high-end furniture, the group's subsidiaries include "Sheng Tao Pavilion", "Sheng Tao Pavilion II" and "Huaqi Meidian" three brands.

â–² PDC

In this exhibition, Huasheng will launch the latest R & D product PDC light luxury furniture .

PDC is derived from the English abbreviations of Perfect, Delicate, and Comfortable. Based on the extremely simple style, it abandons some complex elements such as European style and French style, and replaces it with a more concise and tough straight line. Some exquisite soft decoration elements to highlight the texture.

The most popular metallic hues are used in color to echo the light sense, while condensing unexpected functions and details. It not only pursues the quality of craftsmanship, but also interprets another exquisite lifestyle, so that customized furniture can reflect high-end and Wisdom demonstrates a high-quality lifestyle.

â–² PDC


Mingshu whole house high-end customization

Personalized ultimate experience

Booth number | 3E33

Focused on high-end furniture manufacturing at home and abroad, luxury house decoration and star hotel supporting services, Mingshu Whole House High-end Customization was founded in 1989. The company integrates British, French, Italian luxury furniture and supporting wallboards as a whole. , Serving large domestic and foreign real estate companies, design companies set high-end furniture dealers.

In 2019, Mingshu whole-house high-end customization pioneered the establishment of a small high-end fixed-installation experience store model, with boutique-style display of fixed-installation and furniture, assisted marketing with color plates, pure copper castings, hardware, cloth plates, marble plates, etc. Proactive marketing of the plan, to achieve greater performance in a small area.

â–² High-end customized real-life display of Mingshu whole house

At the exhibition in July, the high-end customization of Mingshu Whole House will display the Louis XIII series, Vienna series, Fontainebleau series, advanced gray brushed series and Winston series. The inspiration of each series is taken from the design elements of royal palaces in France, Austria, and Britain . It is made of imported European solid wood materials or European standard environmentally friendly multilayer solid wood panels. A home atmosphere with a high-quality aesthetic.

Whole-house customization has become a new growth point for home consumption. Mingshu whole-house high-end customization hopes to give full play to its own advantages and provide customers with the ultimate experience to fully meet their individual needs.

â–² High-end customized real-life display of Mingshu whole house


Aochen Industrial

Superior quality achieves comfort and elegance

Booth number | 8-1F01

Since its establishment, Aochen Industry has maintained in-depth cooperation with well-known foreign furniture brands such as Fairfield Chair, Pottery Barn, La-Z-Boy and so on.

Aochen introduced the design concept of European and American furniture, combined with the philosophy of Oriental Habitat, to create high-quality furniture products, creating an unrestrained, comfortable and comfortable home atmosphere for people. Its rich products and flexible collocation can fully meet people's individual needs.

â–² Ochen

Aochen has a series of products such as casual beauty, modern luxury, fashion aesthetics and so on.

Among them, the leisure and simple beauty series are pure American furniture, which originally conveys a leisurely and free home experience; modern luxury series products, which integrate visual design elements from the east and the west, and convey the attitude of "new noble spirit"; fashion aesthetic series products are well received. Inspired by European artistic creation thinking, it combines the rigid and soft aesthetics to define modern fashion life.

â–² Ochen


Italian beauty

Noble spirit of literati

Booth number | 9-4B33-35

Yimei Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise dedicated to manufacturing high-end office, hotel engineering, fine mahogany and new Chinese furniture.

Yimei has the bidding qualifications for government engineering projects , and has rich experience in engineering supporting production in large-scale high-end inns, bed and breakfasts, club hotels, etc. Project cases include Baiyun International Airport, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial System, Westin Hotel, Sheraton Hotel etc.

â–² Italian and American furniture

In line with the return of national culture, Yimei Furniture has launched a high-end fashion new Chinese mahogany brand "Mojing" , which will be unveiled at the July exhibition.

Mo Jing embodies the highly concentrated oriental cultural connotation and spiritual cultivation, not limited to the appearance of piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, and calligraphy, but also expresses the noble spiritual core of Daguan gentry. The product has the functions of intelligent and humanized use, and a variety of combinations. According to market demand, professional output of solid wood customized plate matching can be customized according to customer needs.

â–² Italian and American furniture



Contemporary Oriental Aesthetic Furniture

Booth number | 9-4C06-07

Dongguan Mingyangjiayuan (Mingzhi) Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is an international furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service of various high-end solid wood furniture .

In 2018, in order to enhance the brand value of the enterprise and the competitiveness of its products, Mingjiajiayuan launched its brand, Hemuxin Chinese-style solid wood furniture. He Mu Xin Chinese uses modern materials and craftsmen to interpret the essence of traditional Chinese culture. It not only has an elegant and dignified Chinese atmosphere, but also shows the modern trend.

â–² He Muxin Chinese

In order to follow the trend, at the July exhibition, Hemu will launch a whole house custom product series , including custom cloakrooms, custom wine cabinets and so on.

Different from other whole-house customized brands, Hemu's customized products subtly integrate Chinese style culture, contemporary habituation and modern technology into the furniture, reflecting the positioning of Hemu's " contemporary oriental aesthetic furniture ".

â–² He Muxin Chinese

There is a famous saying on the Wall Street stock market: "Only the trend is your true friend." It shows the importance of the trend, but it is the first question to understand what the trend is.

Obviously, in the furniture industry we are in, “Full House Customization” is already a visible future trend. The era of single products has become a thing of the past, replaced by a whole house space with a strong sense of design and outstanding personality, and a high-quality lifestyle. This is the "product" that consumers are more willing to pay for.


In the current context, Famous Furniture Fair timely grasps and leads the overall situation, empowers enterprise brands with design as the driving force, actively opens up the entire industry chain, accelerates industrial integration, and promotes high-end customized brands to a larger market.


In July, more high-end customized brands are wonderfully presented, just waiting for you!

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