Reasons for inaccurate size of workpiece cut by CNC plasma cutting

CNC plasma cutting machine often has the phenomenon that the size of the cut workpiece is inaccurate. There are many reasons for it. For the common main reasons, CNC cutting machine manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes as follows:
1. The accuracy of the cutting machine:
Cutting machine accuracy includes mechanical accuracy and electronic accuracy.
The mechanical accuracy is mainly affected by the straightness, parallelism, horizontality of the guide rail, the transmission accuracy of the gear or steel belt, etc., and the horizontality of the cutting platform also affects the accuracy of the workpiece. Electronic accuracy is affected by CNC system software and motion control card, pulse equivalent, servo and servo drive, especially if the pulse equivalent is not adjusted accurately, it will cause problems such as non-circular cutting and large part size.
It is also very simple to check the accuracy of the cutting machine, as long as the cutting needle is installed on the cutting gun, and the program for correcting the error of the cutting machine is run to check the marking.
2. Quality of cutting nozzle and compensation amount of cutting slit:
The quality of the cutting nozzle will affect the surface quality of the workpiece and the straightness of the cutting side. The cutting compensation must be consistent with the actual cutting width. The way to reduce this kind of error is to choose a cutting nozzle of qualified quality. The cutting nozzle specification should also be suitable for the thickness and material of the plate to be cut. You can first try to adjust the scrap on the scrap until the width of the cutting slot is uniform and the cross section is flat without slag. Cut a fixed-size rectangle without compensation, and finally measure it, as much as the slit width is reduced.
3. Wrong graphic size:
There may be negligence in the drawing or nesting process, which may cause the graphic size to be wrong. At this time, you can find out the cause by checking the size.
4. Programming software error:
If the programming software has defects or no cumulative error correction function, it will cause errors in the generated CNC code. For example, the generated code size data is wrong or the compensation direction is wrong; or there is a cumulative error in the code, which causes no problem in a small range of size, and there is a large error in many line segments. The phenomenon of misalignment in the introduction and extraction of the cut-in point will also cause a full board. The gap between the workpieces during the feeding.
It is easy to check the program problem, as long as the NC code is converted into CAD graphics for measurement, the compensation direction can be seen through simulation to see whether it is correct.
5. Random running of the cutting machine:
Voltage fluctuations, loose data lines cause poor contact between the system and servo control lines, loss of servo feedback signals, unstable servo drive circuits, etc. may all cause irregular running of CNC plasma cutting machines.
The principle of judging the phenomenon of random running of cutting machine:
1) Irregular running can eliminate the problems of CNC programs. 2) Regular running should check whether there is a problem with the program through simulation. If the program is fine, check the system software (including the built-in software of the axis card). 6. Cutting Deformation when:
The deformation mainly includes thermal deformation and deformation caused by gravity. Using proper lead position and cutting direction during programming can reduce the deformation, and some cooling devices can be added as needed, and a reasonable structure cutting platform is used.
7. Errors caused by co-edge:
If co-edging is used, the compensation amount, actual slit width, and the distance between the sides of the workpiece must be the same. If they are inconsistent, the size of the workpiece will be large and small.
In summary, the error can be divided into pre-cutting error and post-cutting error. For a certain program, the pre-cutting error can be checked by scoring, and the post-cutting error needs to be optimized with a reasonable cutting process to reduce the error.

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