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Dunlop mattress teaches you how to care for your mattress

Stable base

A common reason why mattresses do not sleep well is that the base is not suitable. A good mattress should be paired with a solid base to provide support and maintain shape. Remember to consult our sleep consultant to choose the most suitable base for your mattress.

Suitable bed frame

The ideal bed frame should be able to bear the weight of the mattress and people. The 4-foot bed frame is suitable for single beds or small double beds; the 5-foot bed frame is recommended for 1.5-meter mattresses; the 6-foot bed frame is recommended for mattresses over 1.8 meters.

Keep away from liquid

Avoid spilling any liquid on the mattress cover.

Keep the mattress flat

Please ensure that your Dunlop mattress is not bent, because the metal frame cannot be straightened again. If the mattress is bent artificially, the warranty service will be invalid.

Roof Flashing

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