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In the golden autumn of September, a "furniture show" of fashion and craftsmanship was performed in Shanghai, the magic capital of fashion. The heavy rain could not stop people from pursuing new fashions, new craftsmanship and new designs. Although Shanghai Hongqiao Furniture Fair has passed one third of the time, the enthusiasm of the visitors is increasing day by day. From software to solid wood, from tradition to intelligence, from design to craftsmanship, Shanghai Hongqiao Furniture Fair can be described as "a hundred flowers blooming", but in "a hundred flowers blooming", there is only a clear stream that makes people love at first sight


In front of the 2B03 Jugao Home Furnishing booth, the crowds were woven, and the visitors stopped to appreciate the products.

President Lu said in the interview that the Yujian series is made of the original ecological and environmentally friendly North American black walnut, which is made with modern high-end materials such as leather and metal. Not only does it mix and match the pure cultural essence derived from Italy, but also integrates creativity and nobility on the frost of modern solid wood furniture. The refinement of details and the perfection of craftsmanship can be described as "ingenuity."


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