Luxury Multi-Setting Revolutionary Push-Control Hand Shower Handheld Shower Head with Hose Combo, Push-Control Flow Control Button for Easy One-Handed Operation

Model NO.: RE-233D
Product Information
Technical Details
Part Number RE-233D
Item Weight 780 g
Product Dimensions 29.6 x 16 x 9.6 cm
Manufacturer reference RE-233D
Size 4.75 Inch
Colour Chrome
Style Oval Square
Finish Chrome
Material ABS, Stainless Steel
Shape Oval Square
Installation Method Connects To Existing Standard Shower Arm
Item Package Quantity 1
Flow Rate 2.50 gallons_per_minute
Water Consumption 2.50 gallons_per_minute
Hose Length 5 feet
Switch Style Push button
Special Features Tools-Free Installation, Stainless Steel Hose, Wall-Mounted, Multi Function Handshower, Adjustable
Included Components Revolutionary Push-Control Hand Shower, 5 Ft Stainless Steel Hose, Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No

Product Description

• Use luxurious rainfall showerhead for drenching rainfall shower, or pamper with new state-of-the-art hand shower featuring convenient push-button flow control
• Revolutionary push-button flow control for one-hand operation. Lets you hold hand shower and switch flow settings with the same hand
• Enjoy high-power rain, aeration massage (gentle mist) and luxurious waterfall (combination) settings with a push of a button, no dial to turn
• Can be used as overhead or handheld shower
• Extra-large 4.75 Inch face for wider water flow coverage
• Rub-clean jets for easy cleaning
• High-fashion square design
• Premium all-chrome finish
High quality Double interlocked Stainless steel Hose
This strong and durable chrome hose is of 'double interlocking' construction making it almost impossible to kink during normal showering conditions. At a length of 1.5m (approx: 59 inches/150cm) this oversize hose provides the user real flexibility when showering. Super-flexible stainless steel shower hose with solid brass conical nuts for easy hand tightening and reliable leak-free connection.
1 x Revolutionary Push-Control Hand Shower
1 x 5 foot High Quality Double Interlocked Stainless Steel Hose
1 x angle-adjustable hand shower power suction wall bracket

Since the 21st century, as the network technology develops, there is more and more demand for the storage of video data via the network. And then the monitoring system has further developed into an NVR (Network Video Recorder) system with network functions, from the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system.

The Network Video Recorder, also called the NVR/ Network Video Recorder NVR/ NVR in CCTV / NVR CCTV System/ NVR Recorder, is the storage and forwarding part of the network video surveillance system. The Network Video Recorder, without the analog-to-digital conversion and encoding functions, works with the video encoders(DVS) or the Network Cameras (IPC) to realize the video recording, storage and forwarding functions. 

Let's see the specific software functions of the Network Video Recorder:

1. The user interface layout
The NVR software interface (GUI) is a human-computer interaction window. All the functions of the system, such as these operations of the channel parameter setting, the start and stop recording, the video browsing, the video playback, the video export, the PTZ control, and so on, are completed through this user interface.

The user interface layouts of different NVR manufacturers may vary greatly, but the main functions are similar. Generally speaking, the human-machine interface should have the reasonable layout, the applicable functions, and the simple operation, so as to conform to the user's operating habits.

2. The video browsing function
Generally speaking, all the video and audio channels in the system (including the channels under other NVRs) can be added to and displayed on the NVR software platform. A clear structured channel resource directory tree can be formed on the GUI to directly perform the on-site video browsing operations, with no need to firstly log in and connect different NVRs to load different NVRs first. There are two ways to browse the on-site video. One way is to directly drag the corresponding channel on the left to the target window display area, and the other way is to select the display window first, and then enter the shortcut key of the channel on the keyboard and press Enter. 

3. The recording and storage function
The recording and storage function supports the video recording, storage, and backup.

4. The playback and export function
(1) The multiple playback modes
The video playback has a variety of modes, including the playback in time periods, fast playback of the alarm videos, and reverse playback at any time, and so on. During the playback, the user can play the video frame by frame, and also can add markers to the playback clips, so that he/she can find the corresponding clip he/she need easily when he/she needs in the future. Besides, various operations such as the normal playback, accelerated playback, slow-down playback, pause, and stop, can be performed during playback.  
(2) The video export
(3) The multi-channel playback
If some on-site incidents occur, in order to fully know the situation of the surrounding scenes at that monitoring point, sometimes it is necessary to synchronize the playback of the videos from multiple channels, which will facilitate the panoramic display of the entire process of the event.

5. The incident investigation

6. The user authority management

7. The user operation log

8. The equipment management

In conclusion, the Network Video Recorder technology has been widely promoted and applied to the fields of urban security storage, national security and other engineering projects, because of its own advantages in many aspects. And the Network Video Recorder technology is bound to become the mainstream technology in the field of urban security high-definition video surveillance because of the driving of the market, technology, and so on. Undoubtly, the Network Video Recorder technology has very strong prospects for the theoretical research and practical application.  

Network Video recorder

Network Video Recorder

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