Pencil Edge Wall Mirror,  Bevel Edge Wall Mirror, Pencil Edge Wall Mirror For Sale, Pencil Edge Copper Free Mirror, Bathroom Mirror on The Wall Durable and stylish, the Bevelled Edge Mirror range is certainly a popular choice here at Duraplex Limited ’s Products Pencil Edge Wall Mirror Or Bevel Edge . They are manufactured using top grade glass and treated with CAT waterproofing techniques for a durable finish. Thanks to this special manufacturing, these mirrors are built to last many years of use and will withstand the rigours of the bathroom, including heavy steam.   The Bevelled Edge Mirrors are available in five size options, These include 450x600mm, 600x750mm, 900x750mm, 1200x750mm, 1500x750mm dimensions. Whatever size you require, these mirrors will meet your requirements.   They meet all Australian standards of safety and quality.   FEATURES & BENEFITS   C.A.T Waterproofing Treatment Mounting…

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